Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (center) congratulates players after scoring a touchdown in the game against the Minnesota Vikings at M

John Harbaugh Defends Ravens Fans Who Threw Snowballs

Adrian Peterson and Leslie Frazier were both hit with snowballs on the sideline at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday. And if those guys were hit, you can bet other Viking players, coaches and personnel were hit. Ravens fans apparently think it’s hilarious to pelt people with snowballs…as long as the targets have their backs turned and are too far away to retaliate.

Most reasonable people I think would frown on this stuff and some might even label it low-class and gutless. Not John Harbaugh. He apparently thinks this is perfectly acceptable fan behavior. In fact he even thinks it’s funny.

“Who doesn’t throw snowballs when it snows?” Harbaugh chuckled when asked about the pelting. “Maybe in Minnesota because they’re so used to snow, maybe that’s gotten old for them.”

He’s right. Getting hit with chunks of ice from behind does get old after awhile. Doesn’t really matter if you’re in Minnesota though. That starts to suck after awhile no matter what state you’re in.

Harbaugh can joke and laugh about this because no one got seriously hurt. But I still think the matter at least warrants an apology from the Ravens. The field is the players’ work environment, and that environment is supposed to be secure. If fans are firing hard chunks of snow and ice at players? That is not a secure work environment.

I know the Ravens can’t be held responsible for the behavior of every miscreant ex-convict drunk piece of crap in the stands, but at the very least they should say they are sorry. You’d think an organization with Ozzie Newsome at the helm would be classy enough to realize that.

I didn’t expect an apology from Harbaugh because, well, he’s a Harbaugh. We know what the Harbaughs are all about.

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  • Tommy Yarbrough

    And I was always under the impression that all of the DIRTY fans were out in Oakland. Boy, how wrong I was!! The Ravens definitely should apologize, management included…and Harbaugh ought to be FINED AND SUSPENDED for such low-life remarks. Man, I hope the Vikings get the Ravens again pretty soon, and one would think it’ll be @ Minnesota. SOMEBODY’S GONNA PAY FOR THAT SNOWBALL S**T!!! I MEAN PAAAAY. I didn’t really know the Harbaughs very well, but I know ‘em now. Seems as though, IF THE OTHER ONE is like this one, they’re a couple of truly classless bastards!!! I mean, if I were a player, and I happened to be flying down THEIR sideline, I’d do a Lester Hayes, (the assassin), on Harbaugh’s ass, and HURT HIM BAAAD. What an S.O.B.

    • GCT

      I’ve emailed the team poster and the NFL. I’ve also sent the team twiiter talk from those fans bragging about doing it via social media. Am hoping they will act buy suspending and/or terminating season ticket holders caught up in the act. ZERO EXCUSES for that type of behaviour Lost respect for John with those remarks. Didn’t think he was as big a DOUCHEBAG like his brother coaching the 49ers is! While it is unfair to label the entire fan base as worse there are always going to be idiots supporting their respective teams. Stay CLASSY Baltimore!

      • Tommy Yarbrough

        GCT…I think douchebag is a nicer way of putting it, nicer than I’d obviously use. And you’re right by saying that all of the Baltimore fans shouldn’t be all rolled up in the same ball. I’m sure that there were plenty of them at that game that wouldn’t think of throwing snowballs at the opposition, ESPECIALLY after the performance they gave yesterday. EVERYONE was talking about what an entertaining, fun-to-watch game that was. I totally agree, but being a Viking fan, surely you can understand my disappointment AND DISMAY. I knew, though, that if ANYBODY could pull something like that off, it’d be the Vikings. Oh, well, ce’ la vie. They’ll be better endings to games for the Vikings, I’m sure. BUT, TO ALL THOSE SNOWBALL THROWING FANS, YOU’RE ALL ASSHOLES, AND IF THE RAVENS EVER GET THE PANTHERS IN CHARLOTTE, AND Y’ALL FOLLOW THEM, I’M PERSONALLY GONNA ID SOME OF YOU, AND KICK YOU’RE SORRY ASS.

        • GCT

          I feel your sorrow and frustration my friend. Buy the way I am a Canadian born and raised here in Vancouver,BC and I am a Seattle Seahawks seasons ticket holder. The manager at the bar I go watch Sunday football on the north shore here is a die hard Vikings fan and there are a lot of local vancouverites here that are Viking fans! Usually a bus load leave the bar here every time they come play the Seahawks. Like I said I’ve emailed the Ravens and NFL.COM expressing my views on this matter! Looks like John is as big a DOUCHEBAG as his brother Jim with his follow up comment ‘who doesn’t throw snowballs”? Like c’mon man, that is classless. Every fan base has their idiots(even in Seattle they are becoming totally obnoxious if you are there cheering on the other team!) but morale of the story what their fans did yesterday is totally uncalled for and classless! The Ravens and the supposedely classy Ozzie Newsome should be APOLOGIZING instead of defending the clowns throwing snow balls! The saying coming form the bar manager is “Tank for Teddy”!! Lol! Last year Suck For Luck(SFL) this year Tank for teddy!!

  • Wayne Davis

    I pray we play these dirt bags next year in minny … What comes around goes around ..there will be snow in TCF BANK stadium …hope harbaugh catches one in the back of his head !!… See if he feels the same smdh!..

    • GCT

      PLEASE return the favour for him! Guys a DOUCHEBAG obviously like his forty whiner coaching brother! Classless to be backing the snowball throwers!