Apr 26, 2012; Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman addresses the media as he introduces the 2013 1st round draft picks at a press conference at Winter Park. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings GM Spielman Stresses That Peterson Will Not Be Traded

I’m not sure why some fans and members media are so adamant that the Vikings will trade Adrian Peterson away each and every offseason.  In order to shed some light on this situation, Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman was asked about it during an interview with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

“Adrian is not going anywhere,” Spielman said. “We have him under contract. He’s the face of our franchise. He is a blue-chip player. And we have a new coaching staff in place, and are very excited about what’s coming ahead for us.”

Sep 8, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) to runs for a touchdown in the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There are concerns over Peterson’s age, contract, health and surrounding cast in Minnesota.  Although he has yet to find a reliable quarterback to help him for several years, he has still been a dominating figure in the NFL while racking up numerous awards and honors. Adrian had to undergo surgery again this offseason, but Spielman isn’t worried about it.

“I never have any doubts in Adrian, and this was a minor procedure, and it was bothering him some,” Spielman said. “But this is something that he’ll fully recover from. And you never count Adrian out because he always has a chip on his shoulder.”

With the draft rapidly approaching, Minnesota will have to work hard to get great pieces around Peterson in order to reach the promised land, the Super Bowl.  But will the Vikings finally get it together when it is too late for Adrian Peterson?

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  • holymomentumbatman#84

    Woah, Adam. Don’t you feel bad talking that kind of “will it be too late for Peterson”? stuff? Being a purple bleeder for over 40 years, and witnessing ALL THE HEARTACHE we, AND THE TEAM, have been through, I, myself, have always tried to think positive thoughts where AP is concerned. He is obviously one hell of a class act, a freak of nature, an animal on the field, and a great role model. I’m sorry, but merely thinking about the real possibility that AP might have to retire without a ring, turns my stomach. For real, it literally makes me sick. I just have to try and remember that the same thing happened to Barry Sanders, and, even now, there are MANY, MANY football fans AND experts that will argue the point with you that Sanders was and is the best running back of all time,(well, I have to go Peterson on that one!)
    I’ve seen them all…Brent McClanahan, Darrin Nelson, Ed Marinaro, BILL BROWN, (yeah, I go back THAT FAR, TOO), Ted Brown, Oscar Reed, Chester Taylor, Terry Allen, Chuck Foreman, Robert Smith, (man, those last two were such a joy to watch, I can’t tell you…they BOTH ran like gazelles). I even cried when Robert Smith retired. I know he was being smart with the move, making sure that he would have TWO GOOD KNEES AND LEGS to walk on after his career, but I, and I’m sure MANY OTHER Viking fans,just fell in love with that Robert Smith stride. Memories for the ages. And even though the purple and gold still hasn’t grabbed that brass ring, I have a really good feeling about the seasons coming in the near future. This coaching staff that’s being assembled is kind of an omen, the likes of which I’ve NEVER felt in all the years of being a Minnesota Viking fanatic. We’ve ALL put up with every snide and cruel remark that EVERYONE ELSE could come up with, all of the stupid pseudonyms that other teams’ fans have used instead of VIKINGS, (one guess what team I’m thinking of), all of the “oh, so very close, and yet so fars”, the ridicule, blah, blah, blah. I’m really sick of it. but, by God, I’ll be a Viking until my toes are turned up and cold. I just am hoping…praying that this gut feeling I have about the teams’ future has some merit, and so, any kind of “end of career” , “too late for AP”, “will never get a ring” chatter, really irks me to the core, ya know what I mean? BUT, it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE what the future holds, IMHO, Purple Jesus will ALWAYS be the best the game has ever seen. End of debate. As if there ever needed to be one.

    • Adam B. Carlson

      I do feel bad about it. If for some reason he ends up without a ring (or ends up getting one with another team, god forbid), I’ll be sick to my stomach. This is a great franchise that just needs to put things together to get a Lombardi Trophy in that case.

  • Daniel Laxen

    This is exactly the same remarks he had about, one, Percy Harvin, if you all recall? The Vikings couldn’t get even close to real value from a deal. This conversation comes up every year now. I loathe that the Vikings huge days are NEVER about the true prize in the NFL. The real reason is Rick Spielman these days.
    If you like the best day of the season being his 1st round draft antics then he’s your man. AP’s 2000 yard season and a playoff berth are the only things that has him still as the GM of the Vikings. Had AP not had that type season they Vikings would have won 4-6 games and Slick Rick would have been an after thought!
    This team is still as bad as the day he took control. That was directly after the Childress firing! he was named GM prior to the 2012 season, but was responsible for the disaster that WAS Christian Ponder. he orchestrated the failed signing of Freeman and ultimately cost Frazier his job! Until they get a QB that can move this team forward, and replace nearly everyone on that dreadful defense this team will continue to be a laughing stock.
    The one I fell sorry for right now is Zimmer having to work with the reason (Spielman) the Vikings are what they are today. I hope I’m wrong about the way this will proceed, but if Zimmer doesn’t win early in Minnesota many veterans will turn a deaf ear on a fiery head coach. Should they continue to NOT have leadership at the 3 major areas of importance, QB, Head Coach, and GM, the Vikings will continue to meander in the eddy that is the dregs of the NFL…Signed a Viking fan of over 45 years…SKOL Brother!

    • holymomentumbatman#84

      @Daniel and Adam: This is mainly a reply to you, Daniel, but I wanted to sort of direct it toward Adam as well simply because it is an opinion I deem worth sharing with the both of you…considering ALL 3 of us have been bleeding purple for so long.
      Daniel, I agree with your analysis of the Viking GM. As you say, for the most part, Spielman has done NOTHING for the Viking organization beyond a few, (and I stress the word FEW) 1st round draft picks, and those that have blossomed into NFL caliber players, you could count up on one hand. The Ponder debacle is on Spielman, and most probably a couple more Viking personnel, but the fact is that EVEN THOUGH Ponder was drafted, there has been a long standing dilemma as far as putting a starting QB in the lineup that was worthy of the title, AND that could do the job PROFESSIONALLY FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. Look back, you gotta go back to Culpepper, (not counting Favre’s ONE good season), back beyond that, you have to do some thinking, and then some more thinking. What I come up with is Tarkenton! Think. No Viking QB has held the starting job long enough to be considered anything CLOSE to have left any kind of legacy whatsoever. A QB here for a few seasons, a QB there for a few seasons, blah, blah, blah. Other than Tarkenton, Minnesota has NEVER had what I would consider a GREAT starting quarterback, and as I’ve said before, how many teams can you count up that have either made a deep playoff run and / or won a Super Bowl without a VERY GOOD or what one would consider a GREAT quarterback? ABSOLUTELY NONE! There have been a bunch of great Head Coaches like Landry, Ditka, Noll, Madden, Gruden, Lombardi, AND OTHERS that have made the statement “defense wins ball games”. OK, fine. Ya can’t deny all of that greatness…ya can’t up and say, hey, they don’t know what they’re talking about. There’d be PLENTY OF PEOPLE that would then call you crazy, BUT THE FACT REMAINS…(see previous statement above concerning starting QB’s). Sooo, here’s the deal. Like you say, Daniel, UNLESS SPIELMAN’S CRAP CHANGES OR HIS ASS IS REPLACED WITH SOMEBODY WITH HALF A BRAIN WHERE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS (SPECIFICALLY QUARTERBACKS) ARE CONCERNED, then the Vikings will continue to be pretenders instead of contenders. The Wilf brothers, et al, have cleaned house, and brought in a fresh, new staff, to try and turn the franchise around, and make them the contenders, REAL CONTENDERS, that Viking fans want AND DESERVE. Let me conclude by just saying this: WHEN THE WILFS WERE SWEEPING OUT THE OLD, AND BRINGING IN THE NEW…THEY MISSED ONE. (Read above to learn WHICH ONE). SKOL BROTHERS…SKOL VIKINGS!!!

      • Daniel Laxen

        I can think of a few QBs that weren’t very good that won a Super Bowl. They all had defenses that carried the game though. Tampa, Baltimore, and Chicago all had less than stellar signal callers. The Vikings defense isn’t near making the dregs that the Vikings employ at the position champions anytime real soon either. Watching that travesty they deemed a defense was a comedy of errors all year long. You just knew that they give it up like a skanky assed prom date in the end…Those that believe in Spielman are now in the open. He has no blind to remain hidden in anymore. These next 2 years are all on him and with no QB and less of a defense his ass has a HUGE target on it now…I love this team! I don’t like the avenue Rick Spielman has taken it in, however. The waste of a talent like Adrian Peterson is a crime. I’ve only felt that way about Barry Sanders and Walter Payton before AP. Walter got his Ring in the end. I only hope AP gets his with this Vikings team and not in Texas or any other local. Somehow I’m missing the course Spielman’s sent this team on since his taking the helm. The team has looked rudderless and adrift in the NFL…That has to change and fast!

        • holymomentumbatman#84

          @Daniel Laxen: Man, did you ever hit the nail on the head!! I couldn’t have said it better if I had sat down to plan it out!!
          I really feel bad for All Day in the worst way. This Viking organization is DEFINITELY NOT giving him what he deserves. #28 has poured his heart and soul into making this team better, literally carrying it on his back,(alone) to whatever th