Oct 27, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook (20) signals an incomplete pass after breaking one up intended for a Green Bay Packers wide receiver in the third quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Packers win 44-31. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Cook's Parting Shot Shows What He Is All About


Chris Cook is being his usual gracious, humble, taking-the-high-road self.

The cornerback is now officially a former Minnesota Viking, having signed a free agent contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Often when players leave teams they will take a moment to thank the organization they’re leaving behind, thank the fans, thank the city.

Sometimes players even go the extra mile and take out an ad in the newspaper, just to show their appreciation.

What did Chris Cook do after news broke of his signing with San Francisco?

Did he thank the Vikings? Thank Rick Spielman? Thank the fans? Bid a fond farewell to the Twin Cities?


He went on Twitter, his favorite place to vent, and took a veiled shot at the team that for the last four years paid him handsomely to play football (even though he was often hurt and seldom effective even when not hurt).

“Judge my actions from here on…my past is my past,” Cook tweeted, in obvious reference to his arrest for domestic assault several years back.

Forget that you slammed a woman’s head against the wall so hard she lost some hearing? Okay Chris.

Cook went on, “Thanks to the warm welcome from the 49er faithful .. I look forward to contributing to the winning tradition.”

Winning tradition? Implying no doubt that the Vikings are losers.

“This is one of my happiest moments,” Cook tweeted. “No lie.”

Yup, that’s Chris Cook all the way. The guy who showed little or no remorse after being busted for domestic violence. The guy who got burned so bad by Alshon Jeffery last year, he basically melted down on a ref and was ejected from the game.

What did you expect? Maturity?

Okay then, how about a little bit of gratitude at least? The Vikings organization, after all, did not have to stand behind Chris Cook after his arrest. They did not have to put their reputation on the line and keep Cook on the roster.

Sure, the Vikings had selfish motives for standing behind Cook. They would not have done so had he not represented value to the franchise. But still, they made that choice, and he owes them at least a little thanks for hanging themselves out there.

But, from Cook, no sign that he is grateful or appreciative. Just a shot at the Vikings’ tradition.

Cook is apparently bitter, and I don’t really understand why.

Is he angry because coach Mike Zimmer chastised him for tweeting about their private phone call? Is he mad because the Vikings didn’t offer him a contract?

Is he upset at the fans for giving him grief? All those haters he’s always railing against? Really Chris? A few negative tweets and you rip the entire tradition of the organization that brought you into the league?

Chris Cook’s skin is apparently as thin as his coverage. His ego is apparently as brittle as his body.

The passive-aggressive “joining the winning tradition” shot is what got me. Okay Chris, the Vikings don’t have a bunch of rings like the 49ers.

Maybe the reason the Vikings have no “winning tradition” is because they keep ending up with players like you?

Someone remind Chris that with that Niners “winning tradition” comes a certain rigorous standard. You don’t live up to that standard, they will get rid of you.

Think Jim Harbaugh will be as easy on you as Leslie Frazier? Good old Leslie Frazier who would rather have dipped his head in boiling fat than bench anyone?

Trust me Chris, Harbaugh won’t be a push over like Frazier.

The Niners will not give Chris Cook as many chances as the Vikings did. Someone tell him this. He had better perform, or they will find someone else.

Sure Chris, this is a new chance for you as you also tweeted today. My advice is not to squander it. Because it will be the last one you get.

Your last chance to prove you can play on the field, and prove you can stop being a POS off it.

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  • http://batman-news.com yortzme

    Nice, parting words Dan. I think you are reading a little to much into Chris’s tweets. Sounds like Chis has learnd one thing about the NFL and thats how to rant on twitter yet still be vague enough to not sound like he is hating on a team.

    • hotep

      No doubt….I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. Sometimes we look for things that aren’t there….Players often say they look forward to being on a team with a winning tradition and the history blah, blah blah….that has nothing to do with the team he just left….

  • Wayne Davis

    DBag !!!

  • David Mallow

    Chris Cook is garbage….

  • holymomentumbatman#84

    Personally, I think you hit the nail on the head, Dan, contrary to what some others believe. Cook has always been a conceited, “non-team” POS. Nevermind the fact that he should be working a soup kitchen, or being a custodian somewhere…hmmmm…maybe at all of the NFL stadiums’ toilets. LMFAO! He sure as the sun CAN’T PLAY CB IN THE NFL!! Cook was DEFINITELY taking his parting cheap shots at the Viking organization on his Twitter feed, Dan. No doubt about it. NONE. Good riddance, Cook. The Viking secondary is better off without you. @David Mallow; DITTO!! SKOL!!

  • David Mallow

    he’s a tool,on and off the field…good riddance

  • kyle

    The man is a douchebag and proved it with his “winning ways” comment. That’s B.S. Look at Gerhart’s farewell tweet. He thanked the Vikings for his time here and was excited to get a chance to start. That’s a pro’s pro. Cook is a POS that deserves to be beaten like he beat his fiancee.

  • Jake Long

    I find it quite ironic that an article blasting a player for a lack of class ends with the author calling said player a POS.

  • Cool Jack

    Good article and commentary….Mike Zimmer will find the loyal Viking and make him better…We now have an organization to cheer about!

  • Tony O’Rourke

    Cook is so dumb, he probably thinks he will be able to tweet from jail the next time he is arrested because it is a “Cell” phone…………so long loser

    • holymomentumbatman#84

      Really, Tony O? When’s your next Vegas gig? LMAO!!!

  • G-Man44

    Huh??? Cook is a joke of a person but I’m sorry, you are reading into his comments way too much if you think he’s ripping the Vikings in his tweets. You’re giving Cook a lot of power to be angered by imaginary slights.

  • Randall Morgan

    Classic case of reading something that’s not there. I look forward to contributing to your winning ways. … has nothing to do with the ways of Minnesota. The author must have a complex that the vikings have losing ways. What I see is a man appreciative of an organization offering him a deal and is trying to get on the 49er faithful’s good side.

  • Danny Maiorani

    Who cares if it was a veiled shot. The guys sucks. Glad he is gone. We just eliminated a huuuuge liability in coverage.

    • Michael Crabtree

      actually theirs a difference . the Whole Vikings team sucks , their coaching Staff sucks .. the 49ers turned Colin Kaepernick into a what analysts called a “project QB” into a Super Bowl Caliber QB . Harbauh turned Alex Smith into a Winning QB , the 49ers turned Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner into Pro Bowlers . the 49ers left behind a Prow Bowl FS and drafted a Pro Bowl FS instead . Harbaugh , Fangio and their Crew see Cooks physical tools . ran a 4.4 and is 6’2 , the 49ers are going to develop him , they like projects . Dont be surprised if Cook vastly improves as he coats the Red and Gold

      • kyle

        How can you say the Vikings’ coaching staff sucks when we have a totally new regime after Frazier was fired? There are only 3 holdovers from last season: George Stewart WR coach, Jeff Davidson O-LINE coach and Mike Priefer ST coach. Zimmer was a well respected D-coordinator before accepting his first HC job. Turner is an amazing OC, but a horrible HC and George Edwards is most lijely just a puppet at this point. So please tell me how this staff sucks when they’ve never worked together before? That has to be one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever read on here before I’ve ever read on here. Cook has the physical tools to be a shut down corner, but looks lost in coverage and, for some reason, refuses to put his hands up when the ball is in the air. I doubt he even makes the team.

        • Michael Crabtree

          i was talking about last season, fool

      • Smashmouth2thebone

        Cook was a big reason the Whole Vikings team sucks! Good luck with that, idiot.

      • Danny Maiorani

        This guy is a troll. The whole team sucks? Even AP, even Patterson who set multiple records in his first year, Rhodes, who shut down Brandon Marshall, Blair Walsh, who set records in his rookie season as well.

      • Eddie Torres

        Ya, well don’t be too disappointed if he doesn’t…

        • Eddie Torres

          so all anyone has to do is put on red and gold and “poof” your a NFL all star…ha! what a joke.ha ha!!

      • Randall

        “actually theirs a difference .” Nice grammar…idiot.

        • holymomentumbatman#84

          I concur.

      • Chris

        Good luck with the cook project… 6’2 4.4 speed, but um if your not on the field cause ur hurt a All the time or in jail, really what can the 49s staff do to help stupid and made of glass

      • Daniel Laxen

        The 1st comment you make tells us all we need to know about you, “theirs a difference.” Are you retarded? There is a difference, or there’s a difference…

        What the 49ers did with Kaepernick, who was referred to as a project at the QB position, as they actually turned him into a Super Bowl caliber QB….Then there is the whole NOT winning the big game when it’s there for the taking! Yes that has happened the last 2 seasons…Again, you sound like you quite possibly drove to grade school with your writing prowess.

        Harbaugh turned Alex Smith into a winning QB? Really? Perhaps the 49ers finally found a coach? Smith was in scheme after scheme his 1st 5 years in the league. Why? Because the 49ers had failed with their coaching staff.

        What is happening right before your eyes is the 49ers getting older. Missing opportunities when they are firmly within their grasp…Signing Cook is a reach. Maybe he preforms better this season? That’s pretty easy to do when as a starting CB in the NFL you still don’t have a single INT on your resume.’ That’s right ZERO INTs in 4 years as a starter…There’s some production…

        Try practicing the words, there, their, they’re and your and you’re…There’s a reason why you’re a tool. They’re telling you that you’re a joke. There’s laughter coming from their hearts…Douchebag!

        • holymomentumbatman#84

          No offense intended, Daniel, ’cause you know I like you…but, be careful, “preforms” isn’t a word, either.lol

          • Daniel Laxen

            I took care of that. Thanks for the constructive criticism..

      • Reggie

        Lmao! The Vikings suck? Since 1999, the Vikings and 49ers have played 6 games against each other and your 49ers are 1 for 6, sorry to break it to you :) not to mention that embarrassing loss for your team in 2009 with what, 4 seconds left in the game? I bet you cried after that one. If you’ve even been a 49er fan that long. *cough* bandwagon *cough*

  • Eddie Torres

    Mr. Cook is going to find out just how tough football can be…he will soon wish he had did his best to stay with the Vikings because when he gets to San Fran he may soon have to not only say his last name… he may end up having to become one…

  • Michael Crabtree

    Welcome aboard Cook! Compete , Compete , and Compete!!! Players love playing for Coach Harbaugh and the 49es Staff sure can develop players

    • Swendog

      He did wonders for you, Crabtree!? You just want Cook on your team because he will make you look like a superstar in practice!

    • David Mallow

      as I’ve read write a bit, some players actually despise playing for Harbaugh.. you can brag about your tan ask you want but what happened with Manningham,Crabtree and Whitner was good coming into the league…SF doesn’t develop anything..get over that… Kapernick is a mediocre QB at best…..COOK SUCKS TERRIBLY AND I BET THAT DOESN’T CHANGE.. NO matter the staff a player should know how to play their poison,he hasn’t got a clue

    • Randall

      On behalf of other 49er fans, let me just say, you’re an embarrassment to all of us. Cook is a scrub and I don’t see him lasting in SF. Not sure why you are over here bothering these people defending this fool. So stop trolling the Vikings, you’re embarrassing us. Oh, and before you call someone a “fool” like you did in your post above, learn the F******* difference between theirs and there’s. jack@$$

  • Smashmouth2thebone

    Chris Cook was, is and always will be a looser. No doubt he’ll end up in jail at some point in the future.

  • BossMan

    Good luck Chris. I’ll look for you on the punt team.

  • Adam Carrier

    Not to defend Chris Cook, he’s a class A d-bag, in most ways…but this article was a bit reaching and whiny about a “veiled” tweet. Cook gives you enough ammo, no need to create drama wear there really isn’t any.