Jan 25, 2014; Mobile, AL, USA; South squad quarterback Derek Carr of Fresno State (4) walks off the field against the North squad during the first quarter at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings Draft Targets: Todd McShay Puts Fourth Round Grade on Derek Carr


Is Fresno State QB Derek Carr worthy of consideration as a first round pick, possibly even a top 10 pick?

Todd McShay doesn’t think so. In fact, McShay wouldn’t take Carr in the second or third round either.

The ESPN and Scouts, Inc. analyst has graded out Carr, a man widely viewed as the fourth-best QB prospect in this year’s class, as a fourth rounder.

“I don’t see it,” McShay said in a video piece on ESPN. “60 percent of his throws within five yards of the line of scrimmage, struggles against pressure and that tape I watched against USC, that is not a quarterback, to me, that looks like a potential starter in the league.”

McShay’s words reflect the common perception of Carr, that he is a talented player with a good arm who will be a risk to draft due to lack of experience in a pro style offense and general inability to handle pass pressure.

Of his arm talent there is little doubt, however. Carr proved that again last week at his pro day, “throwing against air” as the draftniks like to say.

For what it’s worth, Norv Turner called Carr’s pro day performance “very impressive.”

Turner also liked Teddy Bridgewater’s pro day, even though the majority opinion was that Bridgewater struggled.

Norv clearly isn’t interested in giving anything away. He is also certainly well-aware of the reservations about Carr.

Will concerns about Carr’s ability to handle pressure keep the Vikings away on draft day? Or does Norv look at Carr and think he can mold that young man within his scheme?

Norv’s scheme favors a player with good arm strength like Carr. Unfortunately, it also requires a QB who can line up under center, drop back and deliver the ball with pressure bearing down.

All-in-all, it seems that Carr would be a bad risk as a high pick. But if he’s still there early in the second and the Vikings haven’t taken a QB yet?

I think you almost have to take him. Even if Todd McShay would call it a two round reach.

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  • Bob

    Exactly where he should be drafted. Low ranked competition, played poorly on the bowl game against USC. Will be a dud just like his brother.

    • kyle

      First two years, he played in a pro style offense and succeeded with less talent around him. The whole team was overmatched against USC. How can you even say he will be a dud like his brother when his brother’s O-line is the reason he flamed out to begin with? You wouldn’t be too confident after getting sacked 70+ times in 3 years.They aren’t the same person. Get that through your head!

  • 5150dogfan

    Wow, what an idiot…….Hey BOB you do realize Carr faced higher ranke pass D’s the either BW or Manziel and that in comparing teams faced by the top 4 QBs, you better look at who the majority of the teams Bortles and BW faced are……The MWC graded out right with the AAC, but even more intersting is that Carr had a SOS almost identical to Bridgewater 86/83, UCF was at 64 toughest……But you dont hear anyone saying BW or Bortles didnt play tough competiton………Manziel is the only one with a top knothch SOS at 14…….
    So the Fresno didnt play tough competition argument goes both ways, becuae if Fresno Didn’t niether did UL or UCF!!!!! BTW-Fresno faced the #12 and #13 D’d in the nation in 2013…..Only Bortles FACED a D ranked higher and only one at that…..Fresno went 1/1 against those D’s….
    watches one game, in which the Fresnos OC only runs the Ball 6 yes 6 total times in the game, while the QB has a partially seperated shoulder……Allowing the top 15 USC D to pin thier ears back and kill the QB…..Thats the OC’s fault, even Manning struggles against a good D that is allowed to pin thier ears…..See the SuperBowl for example…
    Mcshay should be ashamed of himself for not doing ANY research……Just watching 1 GAME….(Sounds like he has an agenda against Carr or Fresno State)……Why else would you not mention the fact that 22% of Carrs throws were in the redzone (144) throws, many inside the 10 yard line……This greatly effects his stats, you cant through deep in this area, of the other top QB’s Bortles had the next most in side the RZ at 70,……Mcshay is technically penalizing a guy for being in the redzone a lot, scoring TD’s, WHAT AN IDIOT!!!50 tds to 8 int against comparable SOS to BW and Bortles,,,,WOW
    I could go on and on, but the bottom line is Mcshay either has an agenda (because he is misleading readers) or he simply did not do any research and should be ashamed of himself for that……
    BTW-Why dont take a look at how Carr did against a 100% healthy Rutgers D as opposed to how Bortles or BW did against Rutgers (after RU was down multiple starters do to injury)……It isnt even close……..Carr flat shreads these guys….

  • 5150dogfan

    If Mcshay is going to hammer Carr on strength of COMPETITION, he better do the same to Bridgewater and Bortles, heck Carr and BW’s SOS is almost identiacal 83/86…..
    Not to mention Carr faced the #12 and #13 ranked D’s in the nation, of the top 3 QB’s only Bortles faced a higher ranked pass D then Carr…….Yep terrible competition……LOL…
    I wonder if Mcshay thinks the fact that Carr threw 144 passes in the Red Zone has anything to do with his numbers, kind of hard to throw it deep inside the 10 or so……..BTW-Of the top QB’s, the next closest in redzone passes that would limit his deep ball stats would be Bortles but he only had around 70 RZ attempts….
    If a guy has an agenda, or simply does not do any research on a player (like only watch 1 game and come up with an analysis), he shouldnt IMHO be commenting on that player……….Mcshay ?????? But then again he was the guy that said J. Russel was going to take the Raiders to the next level……I guess hes right, he did take then to another level….LOL