Nov 23, 2013; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers quarterback Zach Mettenberger (8) against the Texas A&M Aggies during the second half of a game at Tiger Stadium. LSU defeated Texas A&M 34-10. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors: Vikings Like Zach Mettenberger, Want Linebacker in 1st



Oh my goodness, what will Rick Spielman and the Vikings do when their turn comes to draft?

Everyone is trying to piece together the clues and come up with some kind of indication. Here’s some new info from draft insider Tony Pauline via Twitter.

Look for the Vikes to go linebacker in the first and take QB Zach Mettenberger some time later on.


Recently there has been a lot of speculation about Johnny Manziel. Folks have been wondering if Mike Zimmer’s negative comments about Manziel have been a means of throwing up a smokescreen to hide the team’s true interest in the QB.

If Pauline’s sources are correct, the Vikings aren’t on Manziel at all.

It’s probably just as well for the Vikes to not be interested in Manziel, because the way the arrows are pointing, Manziel won’t be available at #8 anyway.

Unfortunately for Minnesota, the best linebacker in the draft, Khalil Mack, probably won’t be available at #8 either.

C.J. Mosley, the second-best linebacker by consensus, probably will be available at 8. If the Vikings like Mosley, they can possibly trade down and still get him.

A trade down with a team that wants a wide receiver, followed by a trade back into the first to acquire Mettenberger looks like a solid piece of speculation to me.

Again, this is just another report, just another chance for people to argue “real info vs. smokescreen” again.

But it does seem like a logical course of action given the team’s needs.

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  • Dylan Throldahl

    To start off have been saying this for the longest time to trade back a few spots to get one of 2 remaining linebackers as i think Mack will be gone by 8 if hes there grab him. Of not trade back for Mosley or Barr and get some extra picks maybe another 3rd and 4th rounder, we dont want to trade to far back. Then we DON’T trade back into the first for Mettenburger because he is a mid 2nd- 3 round pick. I then saw we take our pick 8 in the second round and see if Carr is there and we take him. Or we chooce to go with whatever QB the staff feels is best. Take him then. Use the couple 3rd rounders for first a G then secondary or more Then use a the 4th rounders on best available. I like DeAnthomy Thomas in the 5 or even 4th he is fast with hands and can be a 3rd down RB

    • kyle

      Thomas should be around by the 6th round because of his lack of size. I wouldn’t mind taking Mettenberger after seeing him perform under Cam Cameron in a pro-style offense. I think they would be able to trade down a few spots in the second round since he’s coming off a major injury and still get him. He seems like he fits Turner’s style of quarterbacks.

  • MikeH123

    The Vikings need to come out of this draft with a franchise QB. They better use the pick at #8 if a franchise QB is available. They are nuts if they think they know more than the other teams. If NFL teams consider Zach Mettenberger a franchise QB, he will be gone when the Vikings pick in the second round.

    • jojo2

      Yeah totally! If NFL teams considered Russel Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, or Tom Brady franchise quarterbacks they would have been taken in the 1st round…but clearly they aren’t franchise QBs. If there is one thing past NFL Drafts have shown us its that only franchise QB’s will be drafted in the 1st round. great comment Mike!

      • Rickey Wiggins

        Yeah Mike! Gawl! Really tho Mettenberger would be a good fit.

        • Michael Williams

          Bad fit dudes a rapist google him… Mettenburger and big Ben are 1 in the same

          • Kyle Ohrt-Pouliot

            Quit spouting off that shit. He isn’t a rapist, he just grabbed a girls ass at a party if that’s a rapist then half the people on this site are rapists too

        • jojo2

          Great fit. Will be there in the 2nd round and if we draft him in the second it won’t mean he won’t be a franchise qb.

      • MikeH123

        You are stating a few exceptions. The vast majority of franchise QBs are chosen in the first 35 or so picks, especially in Vikings draft history (Tarkenton, Kramer and Culpepper).

        • jojo2

          Few exceptions? How about Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, and Joe Theismann? Is that enough because those are only the ones who won SuperBowls. I understand what your trying to say but your wrong. (thank you internet)

          • MikeH123

            You’re (not your) wrong. Both Favre and Brees were taken in the first 35 picks. I have done an analysis of starting QBs and when they are selected. The first 35 picks has produced about half and it declines rapidly after that. Of course, it is possible to get a franchise QB with a late round selection but the percentages are not good, especially for the Vikings (which didn’t make your list).

    • David Mallow

      there is no franchise guy in this draft…sorry,but thats a fact… Bortles= one year wonder..Manziel and Bridgewater are extremely overrated.. there are some projects that could be decent starters, but no franchise guys

      • kyle

        You don’t know that. How can you say that based on college tape? No prospect has played a down in the NFL yet, which is why they’re still prospects. Give this class 3 years to develop and then tell me there’s no franchise quarterback.

  • Michael Williams

    Mettenburger pleaded guilty to 2 counts of sexual battery in 2010. The dude is bad news! Not to mention he tore his acl. Can we please choose someone else, I don’t care how good or bad he is I’d rather have Christian ponder repping us than a rapist.

    • Turdd Ferguson

      People do stupid stuff when in College, and sexual battery and rape are very different things. If you’ve ever smacked an ass at a drunken frat party, guess what, you just sexually battered someone.

    • Ken Tomlin

      My sentiments exactly!! I understand why some fans like Mettenberger, but we don’t want another ” love boat” or Sharper on our team! Character and morals should be important especially at the QB position. I’d love it if we could somehow get Carr, if not then Garoppolo. Seen him play live 3 times this yr( live in IL), and he reminds me not of Romo ( who everyone else says he’s like), but Aaron Rodgers. Of all the QB’s coming out this yr, he’ll have the best career!

      • kyle

        He grabbed a girl’s ass at a party. What guy hasn’t done that? I like Carr as well, but Mettenberger might be the better scheme fit. Guess we will have to wait another month to find out.

        • Ken Tomlin

          Kyle, we’ve all grabbed a girl’s ass one time or another. Heck, I’ve still got a piece of pencil lead in my arm to this day, for doing just that! Lol! My point is that we’d be naive to think he was not only charged with sexual battery, but also kicked out of school. If that’s all it was, then 75% of the male population at GA would be kicked out. I’m no lawyer nor was I there, but I’m going to put forth an idea as to what went down. Mettenberger is at a party on school campus, he’s drunk and ends up raping some girl. Girl’s father is either 1- an alum, 2- a big time booster, 3- a lawyer, or 4- all the above.(my scenario) since it’s on campus grounds, father threatens to sue school and pull all his financial contributions. School’s lawyers, girl’s lawyers and Mettenberger’s lawyers have a “closed door” meeting before it goes to court. The agreement is for Mettenberger to plead guilty to sexual battery. GA kicks out one of their top recruits and both have to pay big $ to girl. Girl and parents agree to keep being boosters and not to “go public” with what really happened. Mettenberger also gets to stay out of jail and then goes to LSU to play there. If you take a minute to think on my theory, it actually makes more sense, then a school kicking out one of their top recruits for an ass grab and him going to play for another school in the SEC!! We’ll probably never know, but I’d rather take a chance on a QB with high character then one without. Just my opinion.

          • Ben Gotz

            Let’s not speculate about a crime, that’s not fair to Mettenberger or the poor victim of his actions. What we know based on reports at the time is that he grabbed a girl’s breasts and butt while intoxicated in a bar while underage. He was removed from the football program, but not the university. Instead, he transferred to play football. He is NOT a rapist, but he is NOT innocent. Let’s please stick to facts when dealing with an issue like this. I apologize for this rant, I’ll get off my box now.

          • MikeH123

            Unfortunately, we must speculate about crimes if we want to preserve our freedoms. In Minnesota, you can be convicted of assault for arguing with your wife. It is time for men to show some balls by demanding justice visa vi women.

          • Ken Tomlin

            No, you’re right. I shouldn’t speculate like that. I do apologize.

          • Ben Gotz

            Don’t worry about it! I understand it’s hard not to, and I’m sure this topic will be revisited plenty of times before the draft and after if the Vikings end up taking him. No matter where he goes though he’ll have to answer questions about it, and I’m interested to see what he’ll say.

          • kyle

            Let’s talk football for a second here. If Mettenberger fits Turner’s system the best, then why would you grab a quarterback who doesn’t fit his system? I’ll give you an example. This would be like Minnesota drafting Johnny Manziel and turning him into a pure pocket passer. Now, we all know he’s not a pure pocket passer, but he was the “best player available”. To me, I’d rather have the guy who fits the scheme over trying to force somebody who doesn’t fit the scheme into the offense. Everybody makes mistakes in college. Manziel is proof of that, too. Give Mettenberger a chance to grow up under Zimmer and he could be a star in the making. I think he’d be there in the 3rd round and would be an excellent value pick and fill a need at the same time. He’s going to red shirt his first season in the pros as he is coming off an ACL injury. Sit him a year, let him get adjusted to the NFL game speed and letting him compete next year with Cassel. If we have even an 8-8 season this year, we’ll be out of reach for either Hundley or Mariota next year unless they sell the farm to move up to get either of them. If Mettenberger doesn’t pan out or isn’t developing like they had hoped, then we’re only out of a 3rd round pick.

    • jamed

      I also don’t like this pick he looks like a “creeper” but leave it to the viks to draft someone like zimmers personality a “Raper”

    • Brian 761

      you gotta be kidding ponder

  • David Mallow

    Barr in the first and Mettenberger in the 2nd..if they trade down in the 1st,which I believe they will, taking Mettenberger would just be an extra pick anyways.. pro style offense, strong arm, Accurate and smart… I think he is a good choice…and for the clueless in here. he didn’t rape anyone, he grabbed her ass at a party and she freaked out…BIG DEAL… dude is a talent and will be successful for whoever gets him.

    • kyle

      No. Mack or Mosley in the first. I see Barr as a 3-4 rush OLB. I haven’t seen any tape of him actually dropping into coverage. Would you take him in the first if he was only a situational player in a hybrid scheme? He would only come out in hybrid 3-4 formations; not in the base 4-3 Zimmer runs.

      • David Mallow

        he would be a DE in our scheme,he is not at all a situational player,just a tweener in his size…..but Mack will go top 5 or 6, Mosley is undersized,IMO…I like Shazier out of all the LBs , except Mack of course…

        • kyle

          Barr is not a DE in Zimmer’s scheme. At 240 pounds, he’s lighter than Robison. As far as Mosley goes, at ~235 pounds, he’d be ideal against the pass and still heavy enough to be a run-stopping mike at the same time. He may have enough room to add a few pounds to help against the run.

  • Gordon Guffey

    I could see things working out ~ just like this~

  • kyle

    Mettenberger would probably start the season as the #2 anyways. Let him sit a year and compete next year when his knee is 100%. So he grabbed ass in college. Big deal. He is not even close to big Ben in terms of what each person did.

  • Chris

    I do not think Mettenberger should go before the 6th rd. Watched him play. Has a good arm but horribly inaccurate, would put him in the same boat as Logan Thomas. He was saved a lot by talented wide receivers. Add the acl tear and I would pass. At best grab a lb in rd 1, a QB like Macarron or Garappalo in rd. Then take Zach in rd6 or 7 as a project/developmental QB.

  • 3kolu

    Mettenberger in the second is absolutely ridiculous. With all the question marks, I wouldn’t touch this guy till the last day of the draft.

    • kyle

      I’d say he’d be available at #96. That wouldn’t be so bad. It wouldn’t put us out of anything besides a late 3rd rounder and could potentially be the best fit for Turner’s scheme. More than likely, he’ll sit a year anyways and compete with Cassel next year.

  • Jared Glickman

    I’d much rather try for Aj Mccarron in the second. No real injury concerns, no real off field concerns, and he played under center out of a pro style offense at a consistent championship level. Give Aj a year on the bench behind Cassle, and we could be looking very stable at the QB position come the 2015 draft.

    • kyle

      I don’t understand why people have a fascination with McCarron. He, honestly, does nothing really well. He doesn’t have that “wow” factor for me.

      Bridgewater is a cerebral on the field. He reads defenses well, has nice touch on his deep throws and succeeded within his system with less talent around him than any other quarterback in this class (maybe besides Brett Smith). Give me Teddy all day long over McCarron. Now if we have a chance to draft Mack, then I would be ok with that and settling for Garapolo in the second.