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2014 NFL Mock Draft: First Round With Trades

Many mock drafts don’t include trades because it is really hard to do.  Honestly.  Weighing team needs with available players and trying to figure out how much they value a player is quite tough.

Still, I wanted to give it a try and see if I could pull one together that made sense.  So here is a 2014 NFL mock draft first round with trades that will hopefully make everybody happy!  (I know that’s not possible, but a man has to try)

2014 NFL Mock Draft: First Round With Trades!


#1: Houston Texans – Johnny Manziel, QB Texas A&M

  • Unable to get the value they want for the #1 overall pick, the Texans pick Johnny Football.  Houston will select a pass rusher later on in the draft.

#2: St. Louis Rams – Jake Matthews, OT Texas A&M

  • Matthews may be the safest player in this entire draft.  He can step in and start immediately while playing at a high level. The Rams need to protect their QB better.

#3: Jacksonville Jaguars TRADE to Atlanta Falcons – Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina

  • Atlanta sees Clowney fall to #3 and pulls the trigger on a trade to get them the pass rusher that they need.  Without giving up the house, they get their top player.

#4: Cleveland Browns - Sammy Watkins, WR Clemson

  • While some folks believe the Browns are a lock to select a QB with their first pick, they could easily get a guy like Carr or Garopolo with a later pick.

#5: Oakland Raiders – Blake Bortles, QB UCF

  • If there’s one thing the Raiders love, it is hype.  Bortles rose to fame after an excellent bowl game, combine, and pro day.  If only his game tape were as good.

#6: Jacksonville Jaguars FROM Atlanta Falcons- Teddy Bridgewater, QB Louisville

  • The Jaguars trade down and still get a potential franchise quarterback.  They picked up additional picks and finally have a passer that they can build around.

#7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers TRADE to Minnesota Vikings – Khalil Mack, OLB Buffalo

  • The Vikings see a player that can fill a huge hole for them, and move up one spot to make sure they can get him.  Mack will help solidify that linebacker group.

#8: Tampa Bay Buccaneers FROM Minnesota Vikings – Mike Evans, WR Texas A&M

  • The recent trade of Mike Williams makes room for a much better option at wide receiver.  Evans is a massive target and will help out Glennon at QB immediately.

#9:  Buffalo Bills TRADE to Tennessee Titans – Anthony Barr, OLB UCLA

  • A pass rushing linebacker is exactly what is needed in Tennessee.  They decide to give Jake Locker one more year at a QB as a chance to prove his worth.

#10: Detroit Lions – Darqueze Dennard, CB Michigan State

  • While I personally would have the Lions take an offensive tackle, cornerback is also a huge need.  If Detroit can improve their secondary, they can contend in the NFC North.

#11: Buffalo Bills FROM Tennessee Titans TRADE with Baltimore Ravens – Greg Robinson, OT Auburn

  • The Ravens need an offensive tackle to play opposite Monroe. When they see Robinson sliding, they do what they can to move up and get him.  Oher just wasn’t an option anymore.

#12: New York Giants – Aaron Donald, DT Pittsburgh

  • Losing Linval Joseph to Minnesota is going to hurt, but they can do their best to plug the hole with the hole with the top defensive tackle prospect with a huge upside.

#13: St. Louis Rams – Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, S Alabama

  • The Rams take care of their two biggest team needs with their top two picks.  Clinton-Dix will be a starter immediately to help T.J. McDonald in the secondary.

#14: Chicago Bears TRADE to New York Jets – Kelvin Benjamin, WR Florida State

  • The Jets were panicking a bit when both Watkins and Evans went off the board early and didn’t want to miss out on a potential #1 wide receiver.  Benjamin can be that guy.

#15: Pittsburgh Steelers – Justin Gilbert, CB Oklahoma State

  •  Cornerback was a terrible position for the Steelers last year.  Ike Taylor shouldn’t be an NFL starter and they need to upgrade the position IMMEDIATELY.

#16: Dallas Cowboys – Dee Ford, DE Auburn

  • Dallas has many needs along that defensive line, but they have to try to replace the production they will lose from the departure of Demarcus Ware first.

#17: Buffalo Bills FROM Baltimore Ravens – Calvin Pryor, S Louisville

  • Losing Byrd hurts, but they get a hard hitting safety that could make them forget about him.  Pryor is a monster in the secondary and will help Buffalo right away.

#18: Chicago Bears FROM New York Jets – Timmy Jernigan, DT Florida State

  • Chicago needs a guy that can get a push from the middle of the defensive line.  Jernigan may not have the massive size of some DTs, but he fits the bill for the Bears.

#19: Miami Dolphins – Taylor Lewan, OT Michigan

  • Miami needs to get that offensive line figured out, and Lewan is both the best player available and fills a HUGE need.  The guard spots can be figured out later.

#20: Arizona Cardinals – Zack Martin, OT Notre Dame

  • While there is some concern about Martin’s ability to play offensive tackle at the NFL level, the Cardinals can’t risk going into the season with the guys they have on the roster.

#21: Green Bay Packers TRADE to San Francisco 49ers – Brandin Cooks, WR Oregon State

  • San Francisco has the picks to trade and a need to fill.  Cooks will fill the slot role for the 49ers and add a valuable weapon for Kaepernick in the passing game.

#22: Philadelphia Eagles – Kyle Fuller, CB Virginia Tech

  • Fuller would be looked upon to the the Eagles’ #1 corner.  They lacked a player that could cover other team’s #1 wide receivers, and Fuller is physical enough to handle them.

#23: Kansas City Chiefs – Jason Verrett, CB TCU

  • A nickel corner is exactly what the Chiefs are looking for, and Verrett could be the best one in this year’s draft.  He is a physical playmaker with an aggressive mean streak.

#24: Cincinnati Bengals – Kony Ealy, DE Missouri

  • After losing Michael Johnson, the Bengals need to find a pass rusher that can work hard enough to fill the gap. Ealy is exactly what Cincinnati loves in a player.

#25: San Diego Chargers - Louis Nix, DT Notre Dame

  • The big run stuffer and space eater is a solid pick for the Chargers, who were hoping that one of the top tier cornerbacks would fall to them at this point.

#26: Cleveland Browns – Derek Carr, QB Fresno State

  •  Not only did the Browns get the wide receiver they wanted, but the also snagged one of the top quarterbacks with their second pick.  This Browns offense could surprise folks.

#27: New Orleans Saints -Scott Crichton, OLB Oregon State

  • Crichton is a pass rusher and and playmaker that fans may not be super familiar with. His skill set and motor make him a perfect fit for the Saints defense.

#28: Carolina Panthers – Marqise Lee, WR USC

  • At one time, Lee was seen as a lock to be a top 5 pick.  If the Panthers can get Lee’s full potential, they’ll have a steal and a true #1 receiver at a bargain price.

#29: New England Patriots – Eric Ebron, TE North Carolina

  • The Aaron Hernandez pick didn’t exactly work out for New England, but they can return to their two-TE sets if they bring in a receiving threat at the position like Ebron.

#30: Green Bay Packers FROM San Francisco 49ers – C.J. Mosley, ILB Alabama

  • Safety is the top need for the Packers, but Mosley’s slide and a need for a thumping middle linebacker make this a perfect fit.  The Packers need to build that defense back up.

#31: Denver Broncos - Bradley Roby, CB Ohio State

  • Denver needs someone to play opposite Talib in that defense.  Other players are aging, but the only real question about Roby is his size, which the Broncos don’t seem to worry about.

#32: Seattle Seahawks select Allen Robinson, WR Penn State

  • The Seahawks need to rebuild their receiving corps after losing Sidney Rice and Golden Tate.  Robinson is a big target that could take some of the pressure of Percy Harvin and Russell Wilson.


  1. Jacksonville trades #3 overall pick to Atlanta in exchange for the #6, #38, and #102 overall picks in the 2014 draft.
  2. Tampa Bay trades #7 overall pick to Minnesota in exchange for the #8 and #96 picks in the 2014 NFL draft
  3. Buffalo trades the #9 overall pick to Tennessee in exchange for the #11 and #107 picks in the 2014 NFL draft.
  4. Buffalo trades #11 overall to Baltimore in exchange for #17 and #49 picks in the 2014 NFL draft.
  5. Chicago trades #14 overall to the Jets in exchange for #18 and #82 picks in the 2014 NFL draft.
  6. Green Bay trades #21 to San Francisco for the #30, #94 and #129 picks in the 2014 NFL draft.

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  • http://www.steveretka.com Steve Retka

    I’m fine with the Mack pick for the Vikings, but I don’t think MN will have to trade with TB to get him. After the Mike Williams trade, the Bucs will be taking a WR for sure.

    • jacknine

      Good point, but there is always the risk that TB would trade with someone below us, so the 3/32 is about what we would have to pay and probably worth for possibly the best defensive player in the draft and a huge need.

      • Adam B. Carlson

        I was under the same impression, jacknine. That’s why I made the trade happen. At that point, some team would love to jump up and grab Mack. The Vikings just can’t let that happen.

        • ugglorr

          Uh, I don’t agree at all. If Mack and Evans are both sitting there at 7, the Vikings will be happy to nab either player. Sure they may covet Mack, they won’t give up a 3rd round pick when they can keep it and add a stud WR. Everyone is way too hung up on what they think is needed THIS YEAR and RIGHT NOW. They will always need a stud WR, and Evans will arguably make any 2nd or 3rd round QB pick much better.

          • Spencer Davis

            Mack is a freak, he won’t get past the 5th pick sadly. Would love him, but it will cost too much to go grab him. Great coverage linebacker, and you don’t find that often.

  • MikeH123

    Why add the trade element when you are making wild claims that the Texans take Manziel???

    • El Bandido

      If Houston doesn’t trade out of the pick I see them taking Clowney at #1 and grabbing a QB with the #33 pick. I think QB’s are going to slide a bit this year, but not as far back as they did last year.

  • ap2000

    I think if the Vikings do trade it will be for more picks,spielman has said he wants ten picks this year.plus I agree with steve why trade for a player you can get anyways.

    • Adam B. Carlson

      They won’t get him if the don’t trade up. In this scenario, Tampa would be getting a ton of offers from teams trying to get Mack.

      • ugglorr

        And then Evans is ripe for the picking for the Vikings. And even if I am wrong that they would take him (and I’m not), Vikes might get a few offers themselves for that pick. Many other teams like Evans.

  • Bobby

    When you can’t spell the players names right, you automatically lose all credibility.

    • Adam B. Carlson

      My apologies. The errors have been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Chris

    This is a ridiculous mock. No way vikings swap first rounders with TB and also give their second pick in the third round as well for moving up one spot. That made this mock lose all credibility.

  • docmike

    It’s widely known the Rams are shopping the 2nd pick … if Clowney is there, the Falcons have strong ties to Rams GM Snead & would pull the trigger on a trade – NO WAY he gets to Jax.

  • Kerry Elmberg jr

    Spielman won’t move up 1 spot in this draft because they know after the Williams trade that they need wr so mn stays put for Mack but not to bad of a shot

  • El Bandido

    “If there’s one thing the Raiders love it is hype.” If that were true, the Raiders would have selected Michael Other over DHB in 2009, Tebow over Rolando McClain in 2010, and Geno Smith or Matt Barkley over DJ Hayden in 2013. Oakland has NEVER drafted based on hype. Oakland has, historically, drafted against the general consensus and steered clear of media darlings. That’s what makes them so unpredictable come draft day, year in and year out. This year, they like Carr over Bortles, but I don’t think they take him at #5. I see them trading down to the teens. They might take Carr there (before CLE gets him at the top of the 2nd) or target an interior D-Lineman. Smart money says they’ll target BPA though.

  • DDJR

    I like Mack but I just don’t see them giving up the 96th pick for one spot, Mack doesn’t fit with what we are doing, he is better suited as a 3-4 OLB I don’t think he would do well as a 43 LB or a 43 DE vs over-sized NFL tackles.. I think if this situation where to take place the Vikings would send a 3rd and a 5th to Oakland to get Bortles or Bridgewater. Since Oak is semi high on Carr anyways. Then they can have the chance to farm picks even further down to the late teens then grab Carr before the Browns. To me that seems a little more logical, The Vikings have gone almost pure defense in the FA period, I think its time to address there most glaring need at QB. Cassel is a bridge QB Bortles or Bridgewater learning under Norv for a year would be ideal..

  • mike

    If this draft goes by your way of thinking -which frankly the whole thing is anyone’s guess- we should be able to get Mack without the rigmarole of having to give up picks. If it comes to that the Vikings should play the numbers game, take the best player at #8 and go from there.

  • cfjDTD

    The Chiefs do not need a CB that bad. They lost 3 OL, DE, S, and WR in FA. Anyone of these positions make more sense.

  • phillip

    I’m good withe the packers getting some picks …..and Mosley …wow

  • mike

    FYI…. Al Davis died. New regime. Lazy Raider report. They will not take a QB unless they trade down once if not twice. Though I do appreciate the overall effort