Jan 1, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Central Florida Knights quarterback Blake Bortles (5) against the Baylor Bears during the Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium. Central Florida defeated Baylor 52-42. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Draft Rumors: Vikings Will Trade Up to #2 for Blake Bortles


This new rumor has the advantage of novelty at least. It comes to us via WalterFootball and…it’s intriguing but a little dubious.

Here is the new rumor: the Vikings have Blake Bortles rated as the #1 QB on their board, and love him so much that they will try to work a trade with the Rams to get the #2 overall pick.

The report comes via Charlie Campbell, a “senior draft analyst” at WalterFootball.

“One team that is a prime contender to move up with St. Louis is the Minnesota Vikings. Sources have told us that the Vikings are a real contender to move up for Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles,” Campbell writes.

“That trade was documented in two recent mock drafts on WalterFootball.com in Walt’s trade mock and my mock . His good work ethic meshes well with the new coaching staff, and sources say that Bortles is the Vikings’ top-rated quarterback with Derek Carr as their No. 2 quarterback.”

Making such a trade would obviously require the Vikings to give up something very valuable, possibly a 2015 first rounder. Campbell argues that since the Vikings had three first round picks last year and two the year before, they can afford to deal a first rounder in order to finally get that potential franchise QB.

Does Campbell make a compelling case? Yes. Does it still seem like more than a little bit of a stretch?

Yeah, it does.

I’m perfectly willing to accept that the Vikings rate Bortles as the #1 QB. Looking at his physical attributes and skill set, it certainly makes sense that Norv Turner would like him.

But would Rick Spielman really part with a 2015 first rounder just to land Bortles?

It would be more than a bit of a gamble. We know Spielman is willing to gamble with draft picks when he identifies a player he really wants, because he did it last year to get Cordarrelle Patterson.

This is a gamble on a different level though. This is going all in.

If this failed, it would make the Christian Ponder debacle look like a puppy parade.

Of course if it succeeded, it would cement Rick Spielman’s reputation as a draft genius for all times.

If Bortles turned out to be the franchise QB the Vikings have been searching for in vain for all these decades…well, then Spielman would become the biggest man ever in Minnesota.

Thing is, folks who want to convince themselves of the legitimacy of the Bortles trade-up scenario shouldn’t have too hard a time finding evidence. It’s all right there, right?

Bortles isn’t being brought in for a workout. There hasn’t been much steam about him to the Vikings. It’s been all Johnny Manziel, Zach Mettenberger, Teddy Bridgewater, etc.,

Classic Spielman misdirection, correct? If they want Bortles, the last thing they will do is act like they want Bortles. Especially if they’re planning to try a trade.

And all that talk about Spielman valuing draft picks and wanting to trade down to get more. More misdirection?

Well, he did trade a bunch of picks last year to get back into the first for Cordarrelle. So there’s precedent for Spielman sacrificing quantity in exchange for potential quality.

Giving up a first rounder though…like I said, that’s on a different level.

Such a gamble makes sense only if you buy the argument that Spielman and the Vikings are desperate to find that franchise QB this year, and have identified Bortles as the one player in this draft who projects to be that.

I suppose, if you’re the Vikings brain trust and you have Bortles as the one man who can be The Man, then you can justify going all in and giving up a future pick to get him.

But I still think that’s a stretch. I’m still not buying it right now.

It does spice things up though.

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  • David Mallow

    if they trade up,it will be for Mack not Bortles… they will wait til round 2 for a QB,or they will trade back into the first and try for Carr

    • Nate

      They won’t be able to trade up for Mack unless they give up their second or they give up their first next year. Both scenarios might be a little spendy

      • David Mallow

        trading up at all will be spendy, but Mack is a gifted athlete and would start immediately.. our team got alot younger this off-season and can actually afford to give up a first next year or a second this year… this draft is deep, next years wont be half as good…but Mack is a can’t miss player.. they really like him so it’s a legitimate possibility

  • Justin Weishaar

    Why trade up when one of the big 3 will be there at 8. No need to. And we can trade witha team like atlanta or oakland for the same result. Just cheapier. Beside bortkes is going number 1

    • Nate

      They would trade up because they don’t want ‘one of the big three’, they would trade up because they would want a Bortles. Manziel, Bortles and Bridgewater are not equal, and getting one of the the isn’t the same as getting one of the other two

  • Ken Tomlin

    Man wish the draft would just get here! If for no other reason than, we wouldn’t have to hear of one incredible rumor after another! It’s like the smokescreens have smokescreens! Lol! Like the Vikings are now having Bridgewater’s stay at winter park lasting”indefinitely”? I still don’t think they’ll draft a QB at 8, but considering almost every rumor we’ve heard involves a QB, how can we know?! Lol! May 8th can’t get here soon enough! Skol VIKINGS!!!

  • jojo2

    Crazy as it sounds but I can see it happening. All the signs are there that this is true and walterfootball does an incredible job scouting and finding information.

    • jojo2

      but then I think..why St. Louis? Why not the Jags who love Jimmy Garapolo or the Raiders?

      • Nate

        The idea is that if Houston doesn’t take a QB, then the Rams will probably get a lot of calls from QB needy teams who want to take their choice of QB. If Houston does take QB, then a team like Atlanta who wants Clowney is more likely to trade up

  • Nate

    This was part of a mock draft that was named ’10 Trade mock’. Many of them being pretty hypothetical. Don’t get too excited about this

  • Jorge

    Ive heard so many people disagree with possibility of trading up for bortles. i hope it happens and we do. When was the last time we had a chance to have “pick of the litter” at qb. Bortles has above arm strength, athletic enough to grab extra first downs or tds with his leg like rodgers, big ben etc making it even tougher for defenses. He excels in pocket awareness and movement according to mike mayock, todd mchsay and mel kiper jr to name a few, he has perfect size and he has five game winning 4th quarter or OT winning drives this passed season and that cant be taught. AND at the end of the day doesnt matter what we think of him, it only matters what vikings and Norv turner think of him. At the end of the day if we like a qb and were wrong nothing happens we go on with our lives, if the vikings brass is wrong they get fired. Norv turner has been said to be a qb whisperer and hes worked and gotten alot of players like troy aikman, philip rivers, and was the OC when they drafted brees, the guy knows qbs more then any of us will ever. If he told rick spielman hey bortles is our guy then i trust him. and if we give a future 1st who cares we’ve had 5 in past 2 years, if we take bortles and then dont have one next year thatll still be 6 in 4 years. In my eyes vikings trading up and having pick of the litter and getting the guy they think is rated the top qb is more important then anything, i say go for it.

  • jamed

    They better not trade up for him cause he shouldn’t even be picked over Bridgewater Bortles should be the 5 rated QB it should be like this.
    1 Bridgewater 2 Manziel 3 Carr 4 Murray and 5 Bortles, the guy is a product of being over hyped it makes me mad when these internet scouts do that just so they can knock down Bridgewater and make Bortles the #1 QB its stupid. I hope the Viks won’t even consider him unless its the 3rd round.ark my words we draft Bortles in the 1st Spielman will be fired.

    • Jorge

      let me just ask you something, What if norv turner was in a room with speilman and you were as well and he said this is the top qb we should go and grab him what would you say to norv to dispel this if this report was true are you a scout or perhaps a OC?. What makes you qualified to rank the qbs ??? ( im not trying to be a jerk), norv turner has won superbowls and gotten and been around like troy, brees, and rivers. history shows you that manziel doesnt fit our system not that he wont or cant be good he just doesnt fit the norv turner scheme he has run in the past, can that change ? sure hes smart and can fit a scheme for his players, but historically he likes big pocket passers, BTW why arent you a scout so you can be one day a gm ? i mean you have ranked the qbs and dont think people who get paid to do this can think different. ( again i know im sounding like a jerk but im sorry im just over people opinions including mine own when it comes to qb, if the vikings believe in bortles as their top guy let them go get him they know more then us and its their jobs on the line not ours.

    • jamed

      I guess I never said I was qualified at all when I wrote that but I be been watching football for about 36 years and I follow all the garbage that these internet scouts try and put out there that just isn’t there, Not all these scouts are bad but a lot of them probably don’t even watch football with some of the things they say.
      also if I was in the room with Spielman id tell him don’t do it cause you will be fired and since when do teams start drafting QBs just cause of there potential? I thought if your gunna go 1st round a guy he should be able to start day 1 or soon after I thought they spend 3rd round pick on projects with up side. So who says I can’t put my own top 5 QB rating im just putting up who I think is the top 5 didn’t know that you had to go to college to put the QBs in the order that to me seem to be the top 5 but now that I know I need schooling to do that i will remember that.

      • Jorge

        i watch football as well, very closely. Qbs have been ranked and top qb have sucked and other have not, it is by far the hardest posotion in team ssports to nail down. espn did a whole piece on it. I watch football closely and i have a different top five then you, at the end of the day we dont see the coaches film from games, or how a kid truly prepares or have to coach them. My point being if a OC like norv wants bortles i say have at it, if the vikings dont solve the qb situation, wether it be ur top guy or mine, then spielaman wont last long anyways. Something drastic needs to be done. I agree there are alot of people that write on football that dont know about it or watch as closely as some, but bortles is on everyones top 3 from mayock, mchsay and kiper board. The thing with this years class is there is no for sure andrew luck. I dont always listen to scouts or media about hey this kid can win etc. i mean no one thought dalton or colin would be this good or nick foles after the season he had. BTW i didnt mean anything by your top 5 qb list just saying i would trust our OC a winning suoerbowl OC more then your list or mine, finally i also think bortles can be better then cassel or ponder day one i just dont think hell be r.wilson day one and throw 26 td to like 8 picks, but hey even the great peyton had 26 int you just have to look at the progression from week one to week 16.

        • jamed

          Yes your right about if Norv and Zim and Spielman all agree that he is our guy, who am I to say he’s not. Bortles to me is the QB that scares me the most cause of his potential is high what if it isn’t then the Viks really messed up and the picks we would loose to move up to #2. I really don’t think this will happen though I really do think this is a screen for either Manziel or Bridgewater cause Bridgewater has been visiting the Viks since Saturday and he’s still there tonight they said on NFL network I hope we get Bridgewater over all the others he fits what Norv usually runs. Bortles will either bust or be a top 5 QB in the NFL for many years but its the chance you have to take on him that sucks. Also its all good about getting irritated I do it to when it seems like everyone is down on a possibility of something good that might happen with Bortles and its like everyone is set and wont even try and consider a different scenario. Its like why even comment if all people do is shoot down a possible solution. I think that’s what makes these interesting arguing your point to someone that has a total different outlook.

        • jamed

          Also what do you think about Aaron Murray the guy hold alot of SEC records and has been a beast since a freshman, his pro day is tomorrow. Or I wouldn’t mind we grab a QB with the #8 and one in the 4th or 5th like Murray which he could fall cause of that ACL injury?

          • Jorge

            I like murray i thought if he came out last season i was thinking second rounder. I completely forgot he still needed to do his pro day. I think hes a sleeper and i think personally he has better arm strength then give credit for. I also think t. boyd of clemson can be a sleeper. But i would take murray over boyd.Murray will def. be around passed third from what ive read he would be a very good pickup in 4th or 5th, i completely agree with your double dip. I also think maybe we should trade ponder for maybe 4 or 5th, Gabbert fetched a 5th.( it takes a team willing i get that but we should def. try especially if we double dip)

      • Jorge

        btw i think bortles can be a good qb, hes not at the top of my list but if this report is true and Norv thinks hes the top qb and wants to trade up thats all that matters, you and I no matter how much football we watch dont watch the coaches tape nor coach pro players we arent better at evaluating talent as him, if you think other wise you miss your calling and millions as headcoach and well respected OC.

    • dmoney

      bridgewater is a poor mans geno smith

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.lapinskas.3 Bill Lapinskas

    Go for it min-na-hota, pull off another hershal Walker deal .