Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles Said He Had Comfort Level with Vikings

With one week to go before the NFL Draft, the Vikings tea leaves all seem to be pointed at UCF quarterback Blake Bortles.

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both had the Vikings select him in their latest mock drafts this week. Peter King wrote in the MMQB on Tuesday that he “can’t help but think of [Bortles] as a Viking.”

And it looks like Bortles wouldn’t be angry if things turned out that way.

UCF offensive coordinator Charlie Taaffe said Bortles told him he would be “happy” going to the Vikings, in a story written by Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.

“He likes the Vikings,” Taaffe said in a phone interview with Tomasson. “He feels very comfortable with them. He likes the coaches, [general manager] Rick Spielman, who was [on campus]. I know Blake told me he had a real comfort level with them.”

Taaffe said Bortles feels like he would fit well into offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s offense, as UCF ran a very similar system with Bortles under center.

“Our system of offense at UCF was very similar to Norv’s system,” Taaffe said. “Blake said he felt very comfortable with the familiarity with the system.”

The Vikings were on hand for Bortles pro day at UCF Mar. 19, and it seems that the team has remained very interested in him as the weeks went on. Darren Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News tweeted on Wednesday that there’s “some sense that Bortles is top QB target for the Vikings.”

Wolfson added that it was hard to know who to trust at this stage of the process though, and he wasn’t sure Bortles would last until the 8th overall pick either.

But it doesn’t look like Bortles would be too angry if he had to wait until pick No. 8 to hear his name called by the Vikings.

“Minnesota is one of the teams he felt good about,” Taffee said. “I feel like [the Vikings] did like him when they were down here.”

What do you think Vikings fans? Are you buying all this late steam connecting Bortles to the Vikings? Or do you think it’s all just hot air? Sound off in the comments below or talk to me on Twitter @Goatman102!

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  • David Mallow

    at this point anything is possible.. I would prefer to trade back and accumulate a couple extra picks.. but if they truly feel he is the future of this franchise, then they need to pull the trigger.. BUT if they are not 110 % sure he ifs the guy,they need to let it go… decisions, decisions

  • Jorge

    Yea i agree, unfortunately i dont think he falls to 8, i Now people are going to say Jorge your crazy but if norv and his history of working and being successful with qbs, I say go up and get him. Make a move. i dont want to sit back and or take a qb in 2nd round etc that is again not the our top choice, I would rather trade up or have him hopefully fall to us and take him then once again select our 2nd,3,4 option at qb again. If it doesnt work out then we need a GM that can successfully get our guy at QB. NO more excuses if he believe and more importantly norv feels that his top choice then go up and get him. a franchise qb makes your team better oddly enough even the defense, and for those saying we should just go heavy in defense we did. Remember nothing proves we are ready to compete this year anyways. Meanign if we get our guy at QB that will set us up for the next 12-15 years plenty of time to fix the defense then, again it doesnt matter what i think or anyone who reads this, only NORV opinion matters, its his system, his qb to groom and his job, not to mention hes the one with the rep and resume of working with top notch qbs,

  • Kerry Elmberg jr

    Don’t buy it. Manziel lands in mn

    • Stryker

      I am praying to Odin that, that does not come to fruition Kerry. Manziel is going to be a 1 hit wonder. He’s going to get hit and wonder what happened and be out with a dislocated shoulder or broken ribs.

      • Bob E.

        Couldn’t agree more.

        • Skolviking75

          Kerry took time out of his nfl scouting job to share knowledge with us simpletons, so be respectful. Kerry, quit assuming what QBs will be. I’m sure you’re prophetic knowledge would be helpful to an NFL team if it had any value. For now just go watch Manziel highlights and enjoy.

          • Kerry Elmberg jr

            Thank you simpleton I don’t do highlights like you I actually watch the games I bet you love ponder too. Go check the stats but I bet u wine about that too excuses excuses 2 years and manziel has better stats then bortles had in 3 years

          • Kerry Elmberg jr

            That is unless u don’t watch games U just like to smack talk but your kool don’t worry your a kool dude. Have a good draft

          • Skolviking75

            Wow, So many intelligent points. How can I ever be worthy of your scouting skills? I’m not the one who has said nothing about anyone being better than anyone or when it comes to players. Stats? You are trying to argue for JF with stats? Compared to Bridgewater and Bortles? Let’s go! Just because you watch games proves nothing. A lot of people who haven’t a clue watch games. I don’t like Ponder, but I’m not above thinking I know how to dissect talent at a pro level. Stop acting like you do! Nothing you have said in any arguments have any actual skill set/abilities football info that I can’t read from thousands of hacks that get paid to do it. By the way I am Cool. It’s spelled with a C. Learn to spell.

          • Kerry Elmberg jr

            Wow looks like some one got there feelings hurt lol hahaha

          • Skolviking75

            Hah, good one! The LOL infers you are laughing. No reason for the hahaha. Calling you out on backing up the crap you write and you come back with that! I won’t waste anymore of your time, I’m sure a week before the draft you have multiple teams asking for your projections on players. Later. Enjoy the season. Skol!
            P.S. Please work on your spelling

          • Cool Jack

            Kerry and Skolviking…You guys are totally cool Minnesota Viking fans…I was born in Faribault Minn. and my father moved us to Green Bay ,WI in 1965….My sister worked for Mike Holmgren,then Ron Wolf..she is now Ted Thomsons secretary. I have always loved Minnesota (ten thousand lakes) and the Vikings and Twins…My Grandmother came over from Sweden in 1897 (A true Viking Qween) so it is in my blood…..GO KINGS…

      • Cool Jack


  • Ken Tomlin

    I’ll be so glad when the draft is finally here. I still think think we try to trade back and go DEF in the 1st, but if they truly believe Bortles is our guy, then do what you have to do to get him. Still would love to see Gilbert at 8 or be able to get him if we trade back a few spots. Then trade back into bottom of first for our QB. Only 1 more week then we’ll know!! Skol VIKINGS!!

    • Cool Jack

      Agree”’with the new coaching staff Mat Cassel will excell…Go defense…”Bud Grant” style defense ….that scores points by turn-overs…If they would have had that kind of defense last year,there wouldn”t be talk of a QB at this point…..

  • Stryker

    I’ve seen a lot mock drafts having Bortles taken with the 8th pick. I truly hope we get him. I just hope it’s not so obvious that one of the teams ahead of us uses that to their advantage and harangue us into a trade for more of our picks.

  • Kerry Elmberg jr

    Bortles will b next cutler good but just not good enough manziel atleast has a chance at a favre type of career yeah it could end up like tebow but we need the best if we can get it. That is unless the vikes decide to trade for mallet which was my first option until the cassel resigning

    • Bjorn Lestrud

      A Favre type career? In his prime, Favre could rifle a pass through just about anything….his velocity was so powerful receivers have broken fingers catching his passes. While Manziel may have comparable improvisational skills, let’s not pretend he’s Favre.

      • Kerry Elmberg jr

        No pretending just possible comparisons. But either way one of us wil be telling the other on here down the road told you so but until then we shall see