Dec 1, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers (90) tackles Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) for a sack as defensive tackle Jay Ratliff (96) comes in in the first quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. Vikings win 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Christian Ponder Still Thinks There’s a QB Competition


Christian Ponder is apparently the last person associated with the Vikings, from the lowliest fan on up to Zygi Wilf, who hasn’t gotten the memo about what’s going on with the quarterback position.

Even the team’s website has acknowledged, if only tacitly, that Ponder is out of the running to be the Vikings’ starter.

Matt Cassel wasn’t brought back to compete for the #1 job. He was brought back so Ponder wouldn’t have to play.

Ponder will likely be knocked another notch down the depth chart next week when the Vikings take a quarterback, maybe in the first round, almost certainly in the first two rounds.

Either Ponder doesn’t realize these things, or he is in complete denial about his situation. Because he still thinks there’s a competition.

“It was disappointing how the year went [last year], but honestly, when I left, it was more motivation than anything,” Ponder said via Ben Goessling of ESPN. “I think I really worked hard this offseason, more than I have in the past, and I didn’t want it to happen again. I knew there was going to be a competition to play, and I tried to do my best to prepare.”

Ponder says he hopes that the arrival of a new coaching staff will provide him with a clean slate in Minnesota.

I guess I should give him credit for maintaining a positive attitude?

Look Ponder, it’s like this: you don’t matter to this team. There’s no QB competition. But by all means, keep telling yourself that there is one.

Whatever gets you through the day.

Have you considered alcohol?

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  • shawn

    Why do you got to be a dick about it? Ponder doesnt have the right to work hard and try and win his spot back? We all know it is not likely he will start, but I will guarantee the new coaching staff will at the very least give him a solid look. Just reminding you that Ponder is a human being just like you and personally I think your articles are of about an 8th grade level. So maybe you need to go have a few drinks yourself seeing you are kind of the Christian Ponder of beat writers. :)

    • Daniel Laxen

      “The Christian Ponder of beat writers.” Nice!

    • Raarules86

      Yea I agree with you Shawn, there is no need for this writer to be such a dick about Ponder’s situation. We all know and hope that Ponder doesn’t see the field again in a purple uniform, but that doesn’t take away his right to try. Who knows, maybe Norv will get the best out of him, we all know how horrible the coaching has been previous to this new coaching staff, so we might see a whole new Ponder. Again, i hope not, because frankly i have seen enough of him….

      • Tyler Erhardt

        Even this is ignorant (the part about we “all” don’t wish him back). Go back and look at ponders numbers… Look at his effort. Sure he made mistakes, mostly rookie mistakes but everyone should know he was a 2nd day pick made on the 1st day. He had poor coaching at this level. Ponder isn’t a top tier QB but he could be good in this league.

    • Tj

      I agree as well. both this article and the one cited show an extreme lack of maturity. suggesting Ponder turns to alcohol is obscene. why shouldn’t he get a chance to compete? Alex Smith sucked until Jim Harbaugh showed up and he improved. I’m not saying he’ll become the next Tom Brady but maybe Ponder can pull enough together to at least keep his career going somewhere in the NFL. bu the way Dan, I hope you weren’t paid for this garbage. If you were, you should give the money back. this type of sewage belongs in the comment section so it can be quickly scrolled over, not in the main article.

    • sstran

      Shawn, Raarules86, Tj, Daniel,

      I agree with you, the author Dan Zinski resides in Wisconsin. The negativity must come from living there. :-) I have noticed an overwhelming positive optimism in many article comments for the Vikings this off-season. I hope the ship is moving in the right direction.

  • David Mallow

    if you are on the roster,you have a chance.. the best players will play,no matter the position… I wouldn’t be so quick to say Ponder is out. Turner has said he likes him,and there were times that he looked really good. he needs to work on consistency to be an NFL QB,but all is not lost yet. new system.could be exactly what he needs.. only time will tell

    • Tj

      Great take David.

    • Mike Bridges

      Everyone seems to be giving Ponder the blame and the Defense a pass. At least 2 times Ponder and the Offense gave the Defense leads to protect in the final 2 minutes, they were slim leads but, leads none the less, and the Defense folded! The Bears and Browns should have been wins, as well as the Ravens and Packers! Add those 4 to the win column and it would have been a 9-7 season with an NFC North Title! Ponder was not the best BUT, he wasn’t the worst either. Sure, a change needs to be made if the team wants to finally be champions! This Draft has several QBs in it that were nothing but winners in College BUT, so many ‘armchair’ Coaches and GMs think they have it all figured out because they watch a lot of football and all that watching has turned them into ‘professional’ grade Coaches and GMs. There have been MANY top NFL QBs over the years that weren’t given an initial opportunity. They were deemed inept BUT, they became great QBs and some were Super Bowl QBs and some of those were Super Bowl winning QBs and some of those became Super Bowl winning QBs and some of those were Super Bowl MVPs. Don’t hate, dedicate. Be a fan and leave the Coaching and running of the team to the professionals lol. The writer of this tho, did crops a line.

  • Tyler Erhardt

    Zinski is a tool


    No wonder why Zinski is such a miserable p_ric_k. He’s from Wisconsin.

  • NFL Buddha

    Zimmer, Spielman and Turner won’t touch the QB’s in the top part of the draft this year with a 10 foot pole. They will be giving the Pro Bowl QB they went on the hook for $5.75mm this year a chance to take them to the post season. There are far better uses for the draft picks.