Apr 26, 2012; Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman addresses the media as he introduces the 2013 1st round draft picks at a press conference at Winter Park. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Spielman “Has a Little More Heat on Him Than Most”

With only a few days left before the NFL Draft, it seems that general manager Rick Spielman’s seat may be a little toasty.

At least, that’s according to MMQB writer Greg A. Bedard, who said in his weekend notes column that Spielman “has a little more heat on him than most” leading up to the NFL Draft.

Bedard points to Spielman’s spotty quarterback record as the reason why Spielman may be under pressure this year. Dating back to his time with the Dolphins, Spielman’s “franchise quarterbacks,” A.J. Feely (who he traded a second round pick for) and Christian Ponder (taken 12th overall) have been seen as disappointments.

Spielman will get a third chance at finding a quarterback in a few days, but Bedard says if he whiffs again that could be it for Rick as the head of an NFL front office.

Spielman’s quarterback choices stand as a gaping hole on his resume, but his overall track record in the draft is one of the best in the league. In a recent study done by the Boston Globe analyzing NFL teams’ draft results from 2008-2012, the paper concluded “when it comes to drafting and developing players, Spielman…[has] been among the best in the NFL.”

Since 2008, the Vikings have the third most draft picks still on their roster (25), are tied for ninth with five first round picks, and have the second most starters from the drafts fifth through seventh rounds (4).

The Globe mentions that the Vikings “appear at the top of most categories” when it comes to analyzing draft results.

Of course, while Spielman has received high marks for his overall draft results, his teams have still compiled just 24 wins in the last four years. Part of that blame can be applied to the coaching staffs at Winter Park, but a large part of the blame has to go to the quarterback situation.

And much of that is on Spielman.

As the Globe points out, “teams that have otherwise drafted well still struggle  because they haven’t found a top-flight quarterback,” and “teams that have drafted poorly still contend for the playoffs because of their quarterbacks.”

Spielman has admitted that he hasn’t gotten the Vikings quarterback situation figured out yet as general manager. And if Bedard is right, he needs to find a solution sometime soon if he wants to keep his job.

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  • David Mallow

    I agree that he needs to get the right guy, but to say he is on the hot seat is a bit over the top. His time in Miami has NOTHING to do with what hes doing NOW. Now, Ponder, he was a Frazier want and Wilf pushed for him to be the selection before finally giving Rick total control the following season. If he picks a first roind bust he will still not be fired and shouldn’t be. Since being given the GM position he has done wonderful things for this team. Drafts very well, brought in some good FA talent..but Most impressive is the new staff he has brought in here. PHENOMENAL. . People need to look beyond ONE bad pick and look at what he is doing for our future… the QB will come, but the hot seat will not…. SKOL

    • Paul Engleson

      I agree, wish these media guys would stop trying to create a situation. I still hope they pick a CB first then a QB in the 2nd

      • David Mallow

        Trade down get Dennard or Shazier… I really like those two players for our new aggressive style defense.

        • Paul Engleson

          I like Dennard Too don’t know much about Shazier

    • Bob E.

      I agree almost entirely but that ONE bad pick is the one that has squandered the last 3 years for us… If he screws the pooch on another QB bust he is most definitly gone. You can do all the good in the world but, mess up the QB situation, it really doesnt matter.

      • David Mallow

        he can draft another bust amd stl not be fired,and he shouldn’t be.. the Ponder pick wasn’t his so it doesn’t count against him.Frazier lobbied for Wilf to make it happen and Rick had no choice but to go along with it.. Zygi made the call… so Rick is picking our first QB this year..he’ll get it right

        • Bob E.

          I have all the faith he will get it right this time but, I’m not sure I buy that it was Frazier and Wilf’s doing… as the General Manager team personnel is his first and foremost responsibilty. Ponder has long been regarded as “Spielman’s Guy”… I mean come on, do you really think a passive guy like Frazier would ever have the guts to try and bully Slick Rick? He got bullied by his own team for god sake lol not the type to undermine his own boss. I love Spielman as our GM, he has been smart, smooth and aggresive in building this team and I am excited for the teams future.

        • Daniel Laxen

          So the article read Since 2008, right?…How do you make a case that he’s not responsible in 2011 and the rest are his? That’s NOT how critical thinking works! He’s been the guy since Chilly got the axe, and yes, that includes Ponder’s sorry ass! he made the QB fiasco what it was last year too and frazier paid with his job…Try to keep up!

  • Gregg Z

    Looking objectively at the job Spielman has done leaves no doubt that he is effective and a quality GM. He needs help picking a QB no doubt but why would his job be in jeopardy for that single deficiency.

    • David Mallow

      if he had done it 10 times then I could understand, but it will only be his 3rd try ( Fiedler and Ponder).. but he never had the help scouting them. now he has Turner and I believe he will get it right this time… Skol!!!

  • Ken Tomlin

    I agree with all of you. Spielman has done a great job. QB is always a toss up. Look at all the 1st rd QB’s who’ve been a bust. It’s not just the QB, but the coaching staff, O-line, WR and RB, heck the defense plays a major role. Take any of the “franchise QB’s ” away from their team and see what kind of record you’d have. Put Manning on the Jags and the team would still not make the playoffs. The VIKES are close to having all the other pieces in place, we’ll be competing for the Super Bowl by 2018! Mark my words!!

  • Cool Jack

    I agree with David M.Ziggy Wilf seems very stable and commited to RS. Speculation about his job is all it is…and just fodder to write about….I think RS has and will prove he is one of the top GMs in the league……

  • Gordon Guffey

    Somewhere Spielman is kicked back laughing at all the people who believe he has any more pressure on him than anyone else ~ Or that he feels pressured into taking a QB within the first 3 picks ~ Ricks is going to build this team to win now just like anyone else ~ Thats why he and Zimmer will draft BPA and it want be a QB in the first 2 rounds ~ It will be defense and maybe a RB to replace Toby ~ I can hear it now ~ No not a RB they can be found in the 6th round ~ AP needs a good backup and he isn’t on the roster yet ~ And yes I could see the Vikings going RB in round 2 ~ <<< Out of need and BPA ~

    However they fall I will back them even if its a QB at #8 ~ I'm just getting tired of people trying to blame Spielman with Ponder ~ Spielman as the VP at the time and held 1/3rd of the voting power ~ So please tell me if Ponder was his pick why was it that Frazier and Rob Brzezinski were stripped of all power in making those kinds of decisions following Ponder rookie season ~ ????? Please tell me ~ Geeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Daniel Laxen

    Since 2008? So he gets the praise for Chilly’s picks? That classic! Look at his actual time as GM! Look at the who’s who’s NOT on that dreadful roster, especially on defense! 1 FULL TIME starter last year. Fusco and that was it until Cole stepped in after being released and resigned after Mauti’s injury…Trying to make a case for Spielman is really out of bounds, in my opinion. 1st round hocus pocus and a slipping depth chart shows quite the opposite. Now the Vikings rebuild takes at least 5 years, on the caveat that he hits on a franchise QB or a reasonable facsimile…Unproven 1st year players aside his 3rd-7th round picks are AWFUL, but wait he did pick a punter and a kicker…Walsh has been a surprise, so I’ll give credit where it’s do, but others are bit players and guys that can’t make plays. I had high hopes for Wright, but he was an after though in the slot last year and made a couple plays after Patterson was the focal point…After AP nobody really scares anyone and the defense has literally NO face now…I have my finger crossed for Zimmer, Spielman, not so much!…Before you bash me, I refer you to the roster…