May 9, 2014; Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater addresses the media at Winter Park Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings Rookies Come to Town for Minicamp

A week after the start of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Vikings rookies are coming to town.




The Vikings will hold their rookie minicamp May 16th-18th, giving the coaching staff a chance to work with the 2014 rookie class before they’re thrown in with the veterans at training camp. Along with the team’s draft choices and undrafted free agent signees, several players will be attending the minicamp on a tryout basis, attempting to earn an invitation to training camp.

Like the mandatory minicamp held for veterans earlier this offseason, no live contact will be permitted in workouts.

The minicamp could end up being crucial to these rookies’ development this year, since the draft was pushed back two weeks later than last year. That means rookies will have their team’s playbooks for two fewer weeks before training camp, so any face time they can get in with the coaching staff to adjust to an NFL system is crucial.

Greg Jennings commented that learning Norv Turner’s playbook was making his head spin. Imagine how tough it must be for incoming rookies just hoping to make their dream of playing in the NFL a reality.

Below is a full list of the rookies that are reported participants in the Vikings rookie minicamp:


The Vikings 2013 Draft Class

Anthony Barr, LB

Teddy Bridgewater, QB

Scott Crichton, DE

Jerick McKinnon, RB

David Yankey, OG

Antone Exum, S

Kendall James, CB

Shamar Stephens, DT

Brandon Watts, LB

Jabari Price, CB


Vikings Undrafted Free Agents

Travis Partridge, QB

Dominique Williams, RB

Erik Lora, WR

Kain Colter, WR

Donte Foster, WR

AC Leonard, TE

Zac Kerin, C

Matt Hall, OT

Antonio Richardson, OT

Pierce Burton, OT

Conor Bofelli, OG

Tyler Scott, DE

Jake Snyder, DE

Rakim Cox, DE

Isame Faciane, DT


Reported Rookie Minicamp Invitees

John Oyloe, DL

Martezz Shabazz, DB

Jeremy Baltazar, DB

Michael Walker, RB

Chris Schaudt, DL

John Wolf, QB

Jeremy Reierson, TE

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  • MikeH123

    I want Norv Turner to explain the Bridgewater pick. His vertical offense favors a sturdy pocket QB with a strong arm, while Bridgewater clearly fits a dink and dunk WCO. Here is how USA Today Sports critiqued the Vikings QB pick: Bridgewater is a curious fit in Norv Turner’s vertical system, though. He is clearly the most efficient quarterback in this class, but he also has the worst completion percentage of any top quarterback prospect over 15 yards.

    • Ben Gotz

      Actually, Bridgewater had a better completion percentage of throws 20+ yards downfield than Johnny Manziel, Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo according to Darren Page of While I agree Bridgewater is probably not the “ideal” Turner QB, he can always choose to limit the vertical throws to cater to Bridgewater. And even in Turner’s offense a quarterback is going to throw much more within 15 yards than beyond, so I’m willing to wait until the season starts to judge his fit. Here’s a link to the passing breakdown I mentioned if you want to take a look:

    • Ken Tomlin

      I don’t think Norv or anyone in the Vikings organization has to explain anything to us. A sports writer’s opinion, is not something you, me or anyone should ever worry about. Norv, Zimmer, Spielman and the entire coaching and scouting dept have been doing this a long time. You may not like the pick and may be upset that they didn’t draft the guy you wanted, but unless you own a time machine and the Vikings there’s nothing you can do. At first, I wasn’t happy with the pick either, but I remembered that I wasn’t a GM, coach, or scout and they know more than I do. Go back and read the scouting report on Brady, Aikman, and Brees. Bridgewater was the best fit for us.

      • MikeH123

        Vikings fans want to know something about the product the Vikings are putting on the field before spending about 1000 dollars on season tickets and getting disappointed. I have seen way too much bungling by this organization over the years to blindly trust their judgment. I was just as concerned about the arm strength and durability issues surrounding Ponder. Another example is when they drafted a tackle with short arms and were in the process of repeating the same mistake by drafting Eben Britton before I complained. Fans pay the media to inform us about what is going on and they are not asking the hard questions probably because they are afraid to lose locker room access.

    • trinity

      You’re can’t have it both ways. First you want jonnny college football, and now you’re saying you want a “sturdy pocket QB”. lol that’s not Johnny manziel, and you know damn well it’s not.

      • MikeH123

        They can prevent from getting killed in 2 ways: sturdy like Bortles (who I wanted first) or elusive like Manziel (who I wanted second). Bridgewater is neither sturdy or elusive.

        • trinity

          So what you’re saying is that you want a quarterback who is “sturdy” enough to take all the hits, a quarterback who is “elusive” enough to dance around the hits for an hour, but you don’t want the guy who is smart enough and efficient enough to avoid the hits in the first place with his impressive football IQ and preparation? Your opinion is simply idiotic.

          • MikeH123

            Unless the QB is elusive, he can not avoid the hits when holding the ball for deep throws in a vertical offense. That is why the vertical offense calls for a sturdy QB. If you want to run a rhythm dink and dunk, then smart Teddy is your guy.

          • MikeH123

            I think the victim of the new dink and dunk offense will be AD. Brad Childress had problems combining power running with the WCO. The typical WCO relies on a RB that is more agile and better at pass catching.

    • Jeeves

      Time to tone down the negativity, Eeyore!

    • you_s uck

      You do realize that Norv Turner knows a lot more about offense and qbs than USA Today Sports will ever know. Besides I don’t want our offensive coordinator to go out there and reveal what he is going to do with someone like Bridgewater.

  • Dylan Throldahl

    All of you Anti- Brudgewater fans here always say same thing either its hes not fast enough he doesn’t have big enough arm hes to slim…. 1.) If you can throw Accurate like 70% of the time. 2.) complete 5-10 yards per completion 3.) read defensively like a Pro in a Pro league. Such a Payton Manning these last couple years hes not throwing as hard any more or as far but hes out smarting the other team….. Also all of you need to go watch some tape. He can take a hit just fine not everyone is built the same, same smaller frames can some how take a hit better. He can make most if not all of the throw with touch and accuracy already coming into the league better than any QB. He is also just as big as Manziel and he plans in bulking up in a Professinal Workout room now. Before you act like you are a pro scouted actually do more research.

  • Cool Jack

    Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner will take a talented team and make them better…Motivation from the top trickles down…Frazier was a nice guy but not an in your face guy…Unlike the past we now have coaches that made draft choices that will fit the coaches idea of taking a tough North Division…Lots of Bridgewater discussion …Training camp and pads on…will be the refiner,and determine the QB and team…Cassel wasn’t given big money to sit…he is the most capable of running this team…The rookie will learn until ready or injury…