Jun 17, 2014; Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) leads a pass play with his team at practice at Winter Park. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

What Should The Vikings Do With The Remaining Salary Cap?

The Vikings 2014 regular season is rapidly approaching.  This means that the team will want to have the best players possible on the field to compete.  While Minnesota already has a lot of young talent on the roster, they could look to add another player when cuts on other teams are made in order to add competition.  They could look to give extensions to players who are in the final year of their deal.  Or they could just roll it over until next year.

According to Spotrac.com, the Vikings have approximately $8.1 million available to spend.  Let’s look at the options as to how the team could use that money:

Signing Players

  • Teams always have to make their cuts to make it down to 53 players on their final roster.  Many good players don’t make the cut or are stashed away on other team’s practice squads.  This is a great opportunity to swoop in and grab a talented player at a huge discount.  This is especially true since the Vikings have an early spot on the waiver list.  With there being some concern at a couple positions, Minnesota may look to increase their talent this way if a player they really like is released.

Extend Players

  • Sep 22, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Brandon Fusco (63) against the Cleveland Browns at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Browns defeated the Vikings 31-27. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

    There are several players that are entering the final year of their contracts that the Vikings may want to lock up to long term deals.  Players like tight end Kyle Rudolph and offensive guard Brandon Fusco are both guys that Minnesota will want to have around for many years to come.  Locking them down now could save a lot of headache and confusion in the future.

Save It For Later

  • Fans love when a team can make a big splash in free agency, and the Minnesota Vikings look poised to be able to make another one in 2015 free agency if they can roll over their money.  With the rumors that the salary cap with jump to over $14o million in 2015 and the Vikings only sitting at about $118 million in contracts, Minnesota could be looking at having approximately $30 million to play with if they roll over the $8 million from this year.

What do you think the Vikings should do with their salary cap?

What Should The Vikings Do With The Rest Of Their 2014 Salary Cap?

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  • Viking Fan

    They should extend Rudolph and Fusco.

  • manbearpig01

    “There are several players that are entering the final year of their contracts that the Vikings”

    I thought Rudolph and Fusco were the only two.

    • Turdd Ferguson

      There’s also the players on 1 year prove it deals.

      • David Mallow

        Exactly… . I personally like Wooton, Cox and Coleman as possible guys that could be offered contacts…

    • David Mallow

      Rudolph, Fusco, Raymond and Ponder are the only 4 still on the roster from that class.. Rudolph and Fusco are the only two I see them keeping

  • Dmi Dru

    Just wait next year

  • David Mallow

    Save it to be able to resign Rudolph, Fusco, Wooton, and whoever else proves worthy this season that’s on a one year deal or expiring contract..we don’t need any other FAs,unless it’s a pro bowl caliber player at a position of desperate need

    • Josh Thompson

      so you think the secondary is fixed, and we have enough depth??

      • David Mallow

        Definitely..Rhodes, Munnerlyn, Cox (steal of FA), Prater, James, Robinson, are solid CB choices..Smith and Sanford, Blanton, Exum and Coleman are all really good choices for safety..if you don’t know about Jerry Gray,he is a GREAT DB coach and along with Zimmer..they will get the very best out of these guys, who all have a ton of potential to begin with,and turn them into really good,if not great players..that goes for the entire defense as a whole….but I mean if a STUD CB gets cut by another team,then by all means,, but I think we are good for this season..Rudolph and Fusco deals are a MUST before the season is over… Only 8 million to work with..

        • Dylan Throldahl

          I didnt read all of what you said but i agree yes that our defense mainly the secondary with look way different to were it is fixed not every team need to have a star caliber player at the other CB spot. We will have probably one of the 2 as stars and the other a solid supporter. With a great Nickle CB. And i like our Saftey condition at SS. And with Harrison staying at FS. The only thing that i question for the future is at LB i like the pen state bros at LB weather or not they will produce and cant wait to see what Barr does but Greenway is getting older and will eventually retire though.

  • Turdd Ferguson

    Invest it into the stadium, lol.

  • Paul Engleson

    It would be nice if they could sign a Good Middle LB or another CB who can help make a difference in the secondary where we were dead last in giving up TD’s I like who we have currently but you can never have enough Good CB’s due to injuries like we had last year. I would also not oppose having the money roll over for next year.

    • kyle

      I’d rather get Fusco and Rudolph extended than sign another player at this point. Fusco and Rudolph are critical pieces to the offense. We have the pieces on defense to be in a better position than last year. Finally, we could be 3 deep with corners as well as developmental guys with upside.

    • Charles

      My point exactly we need a good mlb

      • David Mallow

        I would move Greenway to the Middle with Barr and Hodges outside, or use Cole in the middle…we have some guys that could bust out this year.. Maualuga (who wasn’t very good,imo, coming into the league) and Burfict (who wasn’t even drafted) were phenomenal players in Zims defense.. I think we will be fine… Sleeper pick : Michael Mauti

  • Cool Jack

    Until the QB situation is stable , we need to take care of proven players like Rudolph and Fusco….you loose them ,then pay lesser talent more money,makes no sense…I think RS will do the right thing….SKOL!

  • Daniel Laxen

    Rudolph has to be a priority unless the injury bug gets him again. I’m not a Fusco guy and feel there is better talent out there. The MLB position is the main concern I have at this time. A scrap heaper with a chip on his shoulder is what I’d look for moving toward the season. Some fairly big names will be available. Look for a team that has a surprising rookie that will unseat the presumed starter during preseason. Possibly with ties to Zimmer or Turner from a prior team…Still unsettled on a safety to team with Smith as well.

    • David Mallow

      Fusco is a top 5 RG in the league…but everyone has an opinion of who they like I guess..and at ssafety I like what we have..Blanton, Exum, Coleman and Sanford are really good options..I expect Exum to start sometime early in the season..he’s a beast

      • Daniel Laxen

        We’ll see at safety, but the Vikings INT rate has been abysmal the last few years. Safeties have to make plays. Clearly something Viking defenses in the recent past have not. I’m glad you are confident. There are more than 5 RGs in the league I’d rather have right now over Fusco, but respect your opinion.

        • David Mallow

          JERRY GRAY.. he will turn that secondary around..he is a phenomenal DB coach. Add in a completely different defensive scheme,with a ton of different players.gonna be a brand new team in every aspect..Smith, Coleman Blanton and Exum will be huge this year…. and it’s not my opinion,it’s stats..he has gotten better every game he’s played in..I bet he ggetsa pro bowl nod THIS season.. LG is the weak link,but I believe whole heartedly that Yankey will be our LG for the next 10 years..it’s exciting times right now..young talented team,now we got the staff we’ve been waiting for for the past 10 years… SKOL

  • Bob T.

    I am nervous about not signing Rudolph sooner than later, but sure would like to have as much cap space carried over as possible. Two quick points on the MIKE position. Coach Edwards can do some pretty good things with LBs. it is kind of his specialty, and the other point I would like to make is that Jasper Brinkley is back and MIGHT win that job. In the picture is Ponder throwing to Brandon Watts? OOPS sorry. SKOL VIKINGS

  • Chase

    I’m excited about the offense, I see a lot of potential to get even better in Bridgewater and if hr has a good preseason he could start week 1i think. The defense is looking up as well. I don’t see playoffs this year, but in 2 or 3 years we could be contenders.