Childress Runs Around, Looks Extra Enthusiastic


KFAN’s Adam Doctolero has posted in his daily OTA report that Vikings coach Brad Childress “seemed extra enthusiastic today, joking with Dwight Smith, running around and generally looking more comfortable with things.”

Um, is someone planning on entering Chilly in the Westminster Dog Show or something? How is his coat looking I wonder? Does it have a healthy sheen? If you see some old lady with blue eye-shadow, a big white hat and a pooper scooper hanging around Chilly, you’ll know something’s up.

More from Doctolero’s report:

"Once again today the most consistent and polished receiver on the field was free agent pickup Bobby Wade. He runs great routes and makes every catch, he could wind up one the most underrated off-season signings in the league."

Yes Adam. And I could wind up having sex with Elisha Cuthbert.

"Sidney Rice on the other hand had a bit of a rough day and showed his youth and inexperience on a few occasions. New wide receivers coach George Stewart was on Rice hard today for running very sloppy routes and that seemed to take away from his concentration later as he dropped a few catchable passes from Tarvaris Jackson."

Never mind that crap – what I want to know is, does the guy have a strong right eye?

"7-on-7 work was highlighted by a sweet interception made by linebacker Chad Greenway. Greenway read the seam route by tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, dropped into coverage and stepped into the passing lane right on time."

A linebacker who knows how to cover a tight end? Next you’ll tell me there really is a Santa Claus.

"Say what you want about the guy, but Dwight Smith might be the most entertaining talker in the NFL pound-for-pound. The guy had his mouth on full alert today, barking at anyone and everyone."

"One particularly funny moment came as Martin Nance tried to turn and run past Smith down the sideline. Smith had the angle but made sure Nance knew he wouldn’t get by him by yelling, “you must be crazy” for about 15 yards as he chased him down."

All that joking around with Childress must be paying off for Smith. I wonder if Dwight will repay the favor by showing Chilly some nice stairwells to get busy with skanks in.

"Adrian Peterson wows not only us in the media, but his teammates as well. Near the end of practice during full team work, Peterson caught a swing pass and put a move on [Ronyell] Whitaker that drew oohs and ahhs from his teammates on the sidelines as he left Whitaker in his wake."

Everything about Peterson has been positive so far. He won’t need surgery, he looks great in work-outs, he’s burning guys in early practices. I so want to believe that this is the precursor to a great season and career for Adrian. But then my natural depressive tendencies take over – the ones that make me root for this star-crossed team in the first-place – and all I see is Peterson being carted off the field with a catastrophic knee injury in the first quarter of the first pre-season game.

I need some of whatever Chilly’s taking.