Adrian Peterson Not That Great?


Almost everyone has been positive about the Vikings drafting RB Adrian Peterson with the number 7 pick. The consensus seems to be that Peterson will be not only a good back but a great one – one prognosticator even has him making the Hall-of-Fame. There are, however, a few people willing to toss a bit of cold water over Viking fans who are stoked about Peterson’s potential – like Fox Sports “football outsider” Ned Macey, who says the following in his NFC North off-season review:

"When Adrian Peterson fell to the seventh spot, the Vikings snatched up one of the draft’s top talents. The status of his injured collarbone led to his fall and likely will determine whether or not this was a wise pick. The good news is that despite pre-draft reports to the contrary, Peterson will not need surgery before the season. Peterson has the potential to be one of those rare running backs who is not a product of his offensive line. Obviously, he also has a history of injuries and will be of little use on injured reserve. Unfortunately, Peterson will likely have only a minor impact this season, as he is only a moderate upgrade over Chester Taylor, and the lingering injuries could lead him to be broken in slowly."

A fair and reasonable assessment from Mr. Macey. Yes, there are lingering questions about Adrian’s health. Yes, he probably will be broken in slowly, meaning his overall statistical impact will likely not much surpass Chester Taylor’s. It’s all pretty much on-target – and yet I just don’t buy it.

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve drunk the Kool Aid on Adrian Peterson. And you know what? I don’t care. Call me a slobbering Peterson butt-boy if you want – that’s your privilege. Nothing you can say, however, will make me let go of my stupid enthusiasm over this player, and what he could be. Hall-of-Fame? Put him in Canton right now. In fact, build a whole new wing dedicated exclusively to him. The How Awesome is Adrian Peterson wing. I’ll be there in line before everyone else, drooling like a teenager in a room full of Keely Hazell posters. And if Ned Macey shows up, I’ll politely explain to him why reason and logic mean nothing when one is riding the wave of silly euphoria that can only come when one’s team has drafted a player who everyone says is going to be great.

And it doesn’t even matter that the Vikings probably won’t sniff 8-8 this year. I still can’t wait to see Adrian, and I still don’t care about the smarty-pantses with their buckets of freezing liquid. It’s the Minnesota Vikings – you think we’re not used to cold water? We cut holes in frozen water and catch fish (while drinking large quantities of beer). If we didn’t mind not having electricity we’d probably live in igloos – which, for all you city folks, are houses made of really cold water.

Nice try, Ned Macey. But it’s gonna take more than some “football outsider” to dampen my illogical enthusiasm.