Smoot Yaps


Fred Smoot is known for being a talker – unless of course he’s just gotten torched for about a thousand yards by Steve Smith; then he sort of tends to shut up. Steve Smith is nowhere to be found in Smoot’s universe right now though, so he’s yapping again. And his chosen subject is one near-and-dear to the hearts of all Vikings fans – the infamous Love Boat incident, which Mr. Smoot was intimately involved in.

Smoot, we recall, ended up pleading guilty to disorderly conduct after the escapades on the boat, and was hit with a $1,000 fine (besides losing a game-check worth $82,000). However, despite tacitly admitting to wrong-doing aboard Al & Alma’s boat (which is what a guilty plea entails), Smoot now says he never did anything wrong:

"Nothing happened on that boat. I wasn’t the organizer. I was the new guy. I was along for the ride. The media took the four guys with the biggest contracts — me, Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie and Moe Williams — and blew the story out of proportion."

Blowing things out of proportion is something Smoot knows all about of course. He blew his talents out of proportion by bragging about them, then helped blow Steve Smith’s reputation out of proportion by spending an entire half trailing him by ten yards as he caught pass-after-pass (before Smoot mercifully injured himself).

Seriously though…Smoot is a flat-out liar for what he says. No one believes for a second that he “did nothing” on the boat. One has to wonder why he is even bringing it up now – unless he’s just trying to make an excuse for why he spent two years sucking worse than any Viking cornerback not named Wasswa Serwanga.

Thankfully Smoot is back in Washington now. He can run his yap till the cows come home. I’m sure Joe Gibbs will appreciate it.