We Don't Even Need To Read The End Of It


ESPN – Scouts Inc. have released their quarterback rankings for the up-coming season. The number 1 team by QB is the Indianapolis Colts with Jim Sorgi, John Navarre and…oh, what’s that guy’s name…did Saturday Night Live not long ago…he’s in a lot of commercials…well, it’ll come to me later. Anyway, the Colts were number 1. Number 2 was the Patriots and Tom Brady aka Gisele’s boyfriend. By the way, did I ever mention that I think Gisele looks oddly like Steven Spielberg? Look real close at her face once…yes, I know, that distracts you from the other parts; but trust me.

Getting back to the list. The top 5 was rounded out by New Orleans and Drew Brees, Cincinnati and Carson Palmer, and in somewhat of a surprise, Philadelphia with a recovering Donovan McNabb. Actually, ranking Philly 5th is more a reflection on the relative weakness of the QB position league-wide than a vote of confidence for McNabb’s healing powers. 6th was the Chargers with Philip Rivers, and 7th the Rams with Marc Bulger. That gives you an idea of the drop-off after those top few guys.

Viking fans of course want to know only one thing – where does that scintillating purple QB corps of Jackson, Bollinger, Henson and Thigpen rank? Well, I’m not entirely sure – see, the story is part of ESPN Insider, and I don’t have a subscription to that; so I’m not able to see beyond number 12. Honestly, however, I don’t think I need to see any farther. I would feel pretty safe betting everything I own (which ain’t much) that the Vikings finished dead-last among the 32 teams. If the national sports media have been able to agree on one thing in recent months, it’s that the Vikings have the shakiest QB situation in all the league. That’s okay though – we still believe, right? Go T-Jack. Go Brooks. Go Drew. Go…other guy…

Yeah. We believe.