Chilly Speaks


Brad Childress spoke to the media this morning from Winter Park. His first order of business was to once again debunk media reports that the team is actively seeking a veteran QB to back-up Tarvaris Jackson. He handed out the usual jive about the team always looking to improve itself at every position, but said his plans haven’t changed regarding his quarterbacks. Then he left the door open just in case:

"I don’t think [other teams] are making a lot of changes right now. Everybody is standing pat. You see as you go. But as you know, things happen."

What things happen, Brad? You coming to your senses about Jackson and Bollinger? All right, so Kelly Holcomb doesn’t exactly get me jacked-up either – but what happens when Jackson bombs and Bollinger plays like Bollinger? Drew Henson? Sorry, but I still don’t buy it – I know Childress is stubborn but I don’t believe he’s a total idiot. I’m going to put on my predicting hat and say that, before the season opens, a quarterback with significant experience will be on the Vikings roster. Childress can wait till halfway through camp then say he just didn’t feel comfortable with what he had – and we will all know that he never felt comfortable all along and was just playing games with us.

Another matter addressed by Chilly this morning was the status of Adrian Peterson and his iffy collarbone. According to Childress Peterson is fine, but needs to undergo one more evaluation before he’s officially cleared. It sounds like a formality, but still, it makes me queasy any time the subject of AP and his collarbone is brought up. Of course, Peterson still hasn’t signed a contract yet either – but hopefully that matter will itself soon be rectified.