Wrapping Up The Pre-Season Opener


Game one of the pre-season is in the books. The Vikings ended up losing 13-10, their only touchdown coming on a Dontarrious Thomas interception and 85-yard run-back. The game was tied 10-10 with the clock winding down, and the Vikings defense seemed to basically let the Rams get close and kick a field goal, just to avoid having to play overtime. The defense was considerably stouter when the starters were in, especially the run D, which ought to be dominant again this year. The starting offense managed to move the ball pretty well through the air, though not so well on the ground – and ended up with three points to show for it. The success of the passing game was encouraging, especially since Troy Williamson was in the middle of it, holding onto everything thrown his way. Tarvaris Jackson looked solid if unspectacular. Brooks Bollinger and Tyler Thigpen didn’t do much after they came in, though Thigpen did show some athletic ability by escaping what looked like a certain sack, reversing field against the defense and getting a big run out of it. Rookie Adrian Peterson played well into the third quarter – for reasons I do not understand – and ended up with 33 yards on 11 attempts. The defense had one other pick besides Thomas’s, a tipped-ball catch by Dwight Smith. DE Brian Robison showed nice quicks in getting a sack on Rams third-string QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

There was one significant injury, to back-up LB Rufus Alexander, who was carted off the field after hurting his knee. There have been radio reports that say Rufus is done for the season, but this isn’t confirmed yet.

The next pre-season game is August 17 at the Jets, and it’s a FOX telecast.