Holcomb On His Way?


The Philadelphia Inquirer says the Eagles are shopping QB Kelly Holcomb, who has dropped to fourth on their depth-chart behind Donovan McNabb, A.J. Feeley and newly-drafted Kevin Kolb. The article mentions the Vikings and Falcons as Holcomb’s two main suitors, and says the Eagles are asking for a sixth-round pick in exchange but will likely have to settle for a seventh.

Most of us are in agreement that, after his dismal performance in the Seattle game, Brooks Bollinger can’t be trusted as the number two QB, especially not behind someone as inexperienced as Tarvaris Jackson, who could very easily implode. Obviously, in a perfect world, you would like better options than Kelly Holcomb, a man not even good enough to crack the top three in Philly – but this ain’t a perfect world, and since we elected to just dump Brad Johnson for no good reason, this is the guy we’re stuck with.

The fact that Philly is trying to trade him rather than just cut him and let someone else pick him up tells me that there’s some rather intense bidding going on for Holcomb’s services. The Eagles think they might even get a team to cough up a sixth-rounder – if I’m the Vikings I make that deal, without hesitation. Yes, that’s how sure I am that Brooks Bollinger can’t get the job done. Seriously, if Holcomb ends up being traded to any other team, we are screwed. Unless we’re sure some halfway decent guy is going to get cut here in the next couple weeks (and forget about Warner – he’s all Arizona has behind Leinart and they ain’t cutting him). The best scenario, obviously, would be for Holcomb to end up not being traded and the Eagles to dump him – then we’d be able to get him without having to give up a draft-pick; plus Holcomb has already expressed his desire to play for the Vikings, who run an offense similar to Philly’s, so there’d be little danger of him turning around and signing elsewhere.

This is where we’re at with our QB situation – hoping against hope that we can land Kelly Holcomb. It’s a dark day in the Land of Purple.