Receivers On The Block


What would Viking fans think about adding Dolphin Chris Chambers to our receiver corps?  Or Michael Clayton of Tampa Bay?  Or maybe the Jaguars’ Reggie Williams?  According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, all three are currently on the trading block (via ProFootballTalk).

Granted, none of those guys is exactly Cris Carter – but Chambers did have an 1100 yard, 11 TD year in 2005, plus he has a Brad Childress connection, having played at Wisconsin while Chilly was offensive coordinator (Chambers’s freshman season was Chilly’s last year there).  Michael Clayton, a first-round pick in 2004, put up 1193 yards and 7 TDs in his rookie season, but has been plagued by injuries since. The third guy, Williams, is the least-accomplished of the trio, but his stats have improved every year since his rookie campaign in 2004.

All three guys have baggage.  Chambers is known for occasional bouts of the dropsies, plus he has a DUI charge hanging over his head (a court date has been set for September, when Chambers is expected to plead not-guilty).  Clayton’s had the injuries.  And Williams is really little more than a possession receiver, plus he’s been notoriously inconsistent.  Chambers would have to be the most intriguing just based on past performance.  If he were able to click in a new offense, with a new QB, and a running attack sure to be more effective than the crap Miami’s thrown out there in recent years, he might be a big pick-up for the team.

According to Schefter, none of the teams dangling these guys have received any serious offers.  We’ll see how it plays out – final cut-down day is Saturday, and if these guys aren’t traded by then, they could become available.