Stuff They Said…


I fear Tarvaris Jackson has drunk the Kool-Aid.  His alarming declaration:

"No matter what the coaches call, you’ve got to execute. If we execute it right, no matter what they call, it’s going to work."

So coaches are infallible – it’s only players who screw up.  Poor Tarvaris – it’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Brad Childress on whether he’s seeing offensive improvement from last year:

"I guess I don’t look at it that way. Last year is a separate entity. I’m dealing with what we have this year."

In other words, no.

Brad Childress on Bryant McKinnie aka Jared Allen’s bitch:

"He’s playing decent at left tackle … When you get in a seven-step-drop game, the quarterback has to step up. He has to slide up in the pocket a little bit. The back might be able to do a better job of chipping a wide-rush defensive end. By and large, Bryant’s doing a decent job."

Um, Childress – what game-tape have you been reviewing?  Cause if it was the Chiefs game, you’re an idiot.  Jared Allen basically set up camp in the Vikings‘ backfield for a lot of that game.  He was back there roasting marshmallows waiting for Holcomb and AD to run into him. Bryant McKinnie is an over-paid statue – even Venus says so.

Bobby Wade on the passing game:

"We definitely need to start to put some balls down the field, stretch the field a little bit. Obviously, we’re going to be able to rush the ball well if we continue to do [what we’ve been doing]. … But we’re going to have to stretch the field to be able to let these teams know, “You’re not going to be able to stack the box and stop this run game.”"

Great idea Bobby.  Only one problem – we have no receivers that can do that.  We’re supposed to have fast, field-stretching receivers in Troy Williamson and Sidney Rice, but I guess speed isn’t everything.  Also, it would help to have a quarterback who could actually deliver the ball on those rare occasions when our receivers do get open.

Let’s face it – this offense is junk.