Stuff They Said: The Adrian Peterson is God Edition


Still basking in the glow of Adrian Peterson‘s record-setting performance against the Bears. Oh, and the win. Lovely.

Of course, when you put up giant numbers like AD did, lots of people are going to have lots of nice things to say about you. Here’s Bears coach Lovie Smith:

"You have to give Peterson a lot of the credit. He’s a special running back, and we weren’t able to stop him."

Weren’t able to stop him? Weren’t even able to slow him down. By the way Lovie, you might want to teach your DBs to stop going for strips when they’ve got the guy on the sideline and can just bump him out. What chance did that doofus really think he had of getting the ball away from Adrian at that point?

Peterson’s own coach, Brad Childress, had this to say:

"[Peterson] has that burst, and he can change angles.  You may think you’ve got a good pursuit angle going, and then he has that ability to be able to turn the corner."

I don’t want to nit-pick Chilly’s English, but “ability to be able to” is a redundancy.  Okay, I criticized Childress, now I feel better.

Here’s AD’s OC Darrell Bevell on his new favorite weapon:

"A.P. is a special talent. He’s got great skills. But there were some great blocks being thrown by the offensive line and wide receivers. To get 50 (yard)-plus runs or 30-plus runs, the receivers are usually the ones that end up finishing those runs for you."

Bevell didn’t get the memo on Adrian’s nickname either.  And Darrell – running backs get great blocks all the time; they don’t always run for 224 yards and 3 touchdowns all of over 35 yards though.  Sorry, but that was about 85% Peterson and 15% blocking.  Okay – it was 65% Peterson, 15% blocking and 20% crappy Bear tackling.  Still mostly Peterson.

Troy Williamson thinks Adrian’s success will give him and the other receivers more opportunities:

"We were able to run the ball so much, it really worked out well for the play action. You’re going to have more safeties in the box with a lot of one-on-one opportunities. That’s what receivers ask for. You just have to capitalize on them."

Sounds good in theory – but unfortunately, Tarvaris Jackson has not yet proven he can deliver the ball consistently enough, even if given time.  And Troy – you made one good catch, but you’ve still got a long way to go to shake your reputation as Mr. Dropsie.  Catch 7 balls for 110 and 2 TDs and then we can talk.

Speaking of Tarvaris…the QB had this to say about comparisons between himself and Tony Romo, his opposite number for this weekend’s big Dallas tilt:

"I think we’re two totally different players, so I’m not trying to compare myself to him. He’s more of a risk taker. Not saying I’m not going to take chances, but I feel we’re two totally different players."

You are two totally different players Tarvaris – like, he’s good and you suck.  Plus that line about you not being a risk-taker – that couldn’t have anything to do with the aversion therapy Childress puts you through, could it?  That Clockwork Orange deal where he shows you film of you making dumb throws while hitting you with a cattle prod.  Now you look about as sure of yourself as a bookish girl with braces and a club-foot walking through a whole gang of bad-ass cheerleaders with brass-knuckles.