Jeff George Deja Vu


It’s become a yearly tradition for the Vikings:  They fill their roster with useless QBs, a bunch of them get hurt and/or are ineffective, Jeff George sees this, calls his buddy Paul Allen and asks him to “gauge the team’s interest in him,” the team says it has no interest in an old, slow, occasionally-abrasive quarterback and we all move on.

Of course, the team’s total disinterest in signing him doesn’t stop the 39-year-old George from trying.  Here’s what he told the Pioneer-Press:

"I know they’re banged up. But with a running back like Adrian Peterson, I would be licking my chops. With that running back, you need someone who can throw that deep ball, and I know I still can. I don’t care about the talent at receiver."

Woah, Jeff – settle down boy.  Yeah, we bet you can still throw the deep ball too – but not caring about the talent at receiver?  What are you saying Jeff, that you’re good enough to take any old mooks and make them look like Pro-Bowlers?  Hate to break it to you Jeffy, but even when you were good, you were never that good.

When we had you in Minnesota Jeff, you had guys to throw to named Cris Carter and Randy Moss – which might have had something to do with your success here.  I seriously doubt you’d be able to duplicate those results with nothing but Bobby Wade, Sydney Rice and Troy Williamson out there.  And frankly, given your total immobility, I don’t know how long you’d last with softies McKinnie and Cook trying to block for you.

Yeah, I know – the quick-release.  Ball’s out before the rush gets there.  Jeff George flinging bombs.  It’s a nice fantasy – and if Jeff were ten years younger, I might actually believe it could come true.