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Bollinger To Start?


From Kevin Seifert’s Access Vikings post:

"The Vikings are teasing us with all kinds of quarterback intrigue, but the bottom line is that there is a strong chance Brooks Bollinger will start Sunday against Green Bay. Tarvaris Jackson (concussion) is listed as questionable, and coach Brad Childress claimed a final decision won’t come until Sunday morning. But reading the tea leaves, there is a strong, strong possibility it will be Bollinger.Asked if Jackson had suffered any lingering after-effects of his concussion, Childress said: “Not terrible ones, no.”"

Seifert also says this about Koy Detmer:

"Childress said the Vikings “may end up” making a roster move later today that “perhaps” involves a quarterback. Again, the tea leaves here suggest the Vikings will either release newly-signed Koy Detmer or place Kelly Holcomb on injured reserve.The latter scenario seems unlikely after Holcomb participated in Friday’s practice and displayed “marked improvement” with his sore neck, according to Childress. That leaves poor Koy, who if released, would be the definition of an emergency quarterback. Again, the guess here would be that if the Vikings released Detmer, it would be because they’re comfortable with Holcomb as the No. 2 quarterback and not because they think Jackson is ready to play."

Imagine if Bollinger starts against Green Bay and beats Old Number 4. Then what will Chilly do? Go back to Tarvaris Jackson as soon as he’s well enough to play, would be my guess. Because, clearly, Chilly is thinking long-term. Tarvaris is our quarterback of the future (snicker), and Chilly wants to get him as many snaps as possible to ready him for the big Super Bowl run we’re going to make next year or perhaps the year after.

What a joke. Bollinger is clearly better, and Tarvaris will clearly never be the kind of big-time quarterback who warranted throwing away a whole season so he can “develop.” The only one who doesn’t see this is Chilly, who simply doesn’t want to see it, because to admit it would mean admitting he was wrong all along about Jackson’s prospects. So Chilly will go on rationalizing, and pounding away at the same points at every press conference after every losing game featuring a Tarvaris Jackson QB rating of 45. Cause that’s how Chilly rolls.