Halftime Lightning Round


This game isn’t the last team that scores will win, it’s the last team that makes a mistake will lose.  What a brutal half of football.  Honestly, either team could have a huge lead right now – the Bears if their offense could do anything, the Vikings if they would stop turning the ball over.

Adrian Peterson is not back from the knee.  He does not have the same burst.  There was one play where it looked like he’d finally broken through, and he was unable to shift it into high-gear and break the big one.  You can see the frustration on him too.  He knows he doesn’t have all his quicks right now.

So, AD isn’t AD.  Which means we need more Chester.  That’s our big halftime adjustment – get Chester in there.

Tarvaris has fallen back into some old habits today.  That jump-pass interception leading to the Bears TD right before the half was just plain idiotic.  He stopped doing that stuff and we started winning.  If he starts doing it again…well, you know.

Our defense is playing well.  Antoine Winfield is having a great game (even if he looked dorky trying to jump for that pick and missing).

We have to stop the squib kicks.  They aren’t helping.  Rasheed Davis is in as the up-man, and he just catches it and gets a big return out of it.  The same crap happened in the second half of the first Bears game and helped the Bears get back in it.  Just be men and kick the ball deep.

The Bears bailed us out huge with the late hit on Tillman, allowing us to kick the field goal as time expired.  13-6 looks a hell of a lot better than 13-3.