Javon Walker Talk


The second Javon Walker’s quotes about wanting out of Denver hit the net, you knew the receiver-challenged Vikings were going to come up as a team that would be looking to land him. Sure enough, Viking Update has already jumped on him. Their argument:

"Besides the…need the Vikings have [for a #1 receiver], Walker has played in the West Coast Offense his entire pro career. He is a near prototype for the system with his athletic ability, size, speed and run-after-the-catch skills. Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is very familiar with Walker from their days together in Green Bay."

Pro: Walker is a West Coast guy. Con: He never played for the Eagles, therefore Brad Childress is not aware of his existence.

One thing I know for sure – Walker would immediately be our #1 receiver, unlike in Denver where he has slipped behind Brandon Marshall on the depth-chart. This decline in status is at the heart of Walker’s wish to escape Mike Shanahan’s domain. The receiver lamented:

"I just don’t see it happening for me here [in Denver]. What it boils down to at this point is I’ve got to go where the best fit is for me. … And if it’s not the best situation for me, it’s the best situation for Brandon Marshall."

Javon forced his way out of Green Bay because they wouldn’t pay him. So he lands in Denver and has one good year, then bad stuff happens (the Darrent Williams shooting) and he has an off-year and he’s injured and now he’s not the man anymore. So he figures, “What the heck, complaining worked before, why not try it again?” And this is the sort of whining malcontent we want as our #1 receiver? Just say no, Vikings.