First Weekend Playoff Wrap


I was 3-1 in my picks the first weekend.  Missed Washington v. Seattle – guess I drank too much of that Redskins Kool Aid.  Though, in all honesty, the Skins really should’ve won that game.  If they punch in it after Nate Burleson misses fielding that kick-off, it’s a completely different fourth quarter.  That being said, the ‘Skins’ offensive line has issues.  Todd Collins was on his ass more than Tara Reid on a weekend trip to Tijuana.  Don’t know if Collins’s performance affects what  people might think of him being added as Tarvaris Jackson‘s veteran back-up next year, assuming he becomes available.  Frankly, if I’m Washington, I hold onto him.

How about Fred Smoot trying to render Matt Hasselbeck incapable of bearing children on that play?  I’m telling you, people who don’t know how to tackle are a danger on a football field.  You never know what part of some guy’s body they might desperately fling themselves into.

The Jacksonville-Pittsburgh game was probably the most entertaining, since it featured a big comeback and then a late rally by the team that got came back on (Came back on?  Did I just turn into Emmitt Smith?).   That was sort of the Former Viking Coach Bowl, what with Mike Tice being on the Jags’ sideline, and Mike Tomlin on the Steelers’.  Nice to see two former Purple guys having so much success in the league.

The snoozer had to be San Diego v. Tennessee.  Early on it looked like the Chargers had reverted to their early-season selves, but they eventually got things on-track enough to win.  As for Tennessee…anytime you guys want to find an offense, you know, go right ahead.

Finally, there was the Giants vs. Tampa Bay.  I’m frankly not surprised that New York dominated that game.  You had to feel, after how well they played against the Patriots, that they were going to give Tampa all they could handle.  And kudos to Eli Manning as well.  Normally, if the Giants win, it’s because Eli has a quiet game and the running backs and defense get it done.  But that game, Eli actually had a huge hand in.  Now Eli gets to try his luck against the Cowboys who, in all honesty, didn’t look so hot down the stretch.  I’m still going to pick Dallas in this one, but it would not shock me at all to see the Giants upset them.