Meet a (Potential) Future Viking: Bernard Berrian


Name: Bernard Berrian

Position: WR

Age: 27

Years in League: 4

Teams: Chicago Bears

Accomplishments: NFC Special Teams Player of the Week in 2005; 14 receptions, 228 yards, 2 TDs in 2006 postseason

Current Contract Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

2007 Stats:

  • Games Played: 16
  • Receptions: 71
  • Yards: 951
  • Touchdowns: 5

Injury History:

Suffered nagging toe and knee injuries in 2007 but missed no games.

Missed 1 game in 2006 with a rib injury.

Missed 5 games in 2005 with thumb injury.

Known For: Having numerous nicknames, including “B-Squared”, “California Cool” and “Silent Assassin.”

Memorable Quotes: On QB Rex Grossman: “Rex has an intangible kind of thing. You can’t really describe it. But it’s there.”

Why the Vikings Might Want Him: Looked at our receiver corps lately? Pretty much anything would be an upgrade. Berrian had his best year in 2007 and looks like an emerging talent. Chester Taylor looked like an emerging talent before the Vikes signed him, and he’s been a very good player for us.

Why the Vikings Might Not Want Him: Toughness might be an issue with Berrian. He could be expensive. It might not make sense to shell out big cash for a deep threat when your quarterback hasn’t proven he can hit long passes consistently. Will Berrian want to sign with another team that has QB issues after suffering through several years on the Bears?

What the Vikings Should Do: Troy Williamson is gone, so the Vikes will need to find someone with speed to complement slot-man Bobby Wade and potential outside threat Sidney Rice. Plus, picking up a receiver in free agency makes drafting one less of a priority, perhaps allowing the Vikes to go after a defensive end or offensive tackle in the first round of the draft. Berrian is the best option out there. The cheapskate Bears will be unlikely to sign him, and he has indicated he would prefer playing indoors or in Southern climes. The Vikes should look at him. But, if the price gets too steep, I would back away. It is not a dead-certainty that Berrian will become a big-time receiver, despite some people’s insistence that he’s on the verge.

The Prediction: The Vikings are desperate for a big-play offensive threat. Berrian may fit that mold…however, we know Brad Childress likes to go after West Coast guys (like Javon Walker). I think there’s a 20% chance we land Berrian.