Update: Vikings to Workout Charles Rogers?


The Vikings are not altogether happy with their receiver corps…which would explain why they have reportedly elected to workout former Detroit Lions wide-out Charles Rogers.

The news comes via Rogers’ former high school coach Don Durrett, who said:

"He’s had a couple workouts with some teams and has a workout with the Minnesota Vikings. He’s getting caught up [with playing in the NFL again]. I tell him to play where he can play and enjoy it. People get caught up on where the best spot for him is."

The “best spot” for Rogers was supposed to be Canada – the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes to be precise – but Rogers apparently backed out before signing a contract.

Well, if Rogers can score workouts with NFL teams, then it makes sense for him to hold off on signing a deal in Canada. Obviously there are NFL teams who feel they have big holes at receiver…and the Vikings are among them.

Then again, this could just be another case of the team being thorough. Brad Childress says this all the time…that he’s always on the look-out for players, regardless of position, and we shouldn’t read anything into the team’s interest in one particular player.

Yeah right. Fact is, receiver is still an issue for this team. I’m all for taking a look at Rogers. Yes he was a bust with the Lions, but sometimes guys blossom late. Plus, Rogers on the Vikings would have nothing like the pressure he had when he was drafted by Detroit. He would only be a #4 receiver on the Purple. Maybe we could squeeze something out of this guy. At the very least he would be jacked-up to play those two games against the Lions…not that we need any extra help against those Detroit pansies.

Update: Guess this report was bullcrap. Never trust high school coaches. We still need another receiver.