Vikings Players React to Favre Talk


A pair of Vikings have given their reaction to all the Brett Favre talk.  First, Pat Williams:

"I love my team. I will ride it out with T-Jack. He’s been with us, and he’s made progress this offseason."

A veteran like Pat doesn’t have to be told what to do in this kind of situation.  He knows that you never talk up a guy you don’t have, because it will be read as an implicit slam of the guy you do have.  Any endorsement of Favre is a rip on Tarvaris Jackson.  That’s a young guy with a shaky psyche.  Good job Pat.

Bobby Wade chimed in as well:

"I think we have the makings of a championship team.  I wouldn’t trade Brett Favre for anybody on our roster right now."

Really?  Not even for Heath FarwellVisanthe Shiancoe?

Wade continues:

"Things progress for a reason.  Being a wide receiver, I’m very comfortable with Tarvaris. I want Tarvaris to lead this team this season and play to the level I know he’s capable of and shut up all the critics."

That’s what we all want.  Then again…Brett Favre.

You can’t tell me Wade, Sydney Rice and the other wide-outs aren’t thinking about it.  Having Brett Favre as their quarterback.  Watching their stats go through the roof.  Getting future huge free agent contracts on the basis of said inflated stats.  Look what Favre did for Donald Driver, Antonio Freeman and Robert Brooks.  Those guys would’ve been nothing without him.

I’m curious as to what Tarvaris is thinking right now.  He’s in a similar spot to Aaron Rodgers…he’s the guy the fans don’t want, and he has to sit there wondering if someone’s about to take his job.  If the Vikes did sign Favre, would T-Jack just accept it?  How would Brad Childress sell it to him?  “You’re still my guy Tarvaris…but you need another year or two of seasoning, so you get to sit behind Mr. Hall-of-Fame.”  Even though Tarvaris was clearly Chilly’s guy up until Favre shook loose.  I don’t think I’d ever trust Childress again if I were Jackson.