Childress Talks Favre…Kind Of


Brad Childress had occasion to appear with Mark Rosen on WCCO TV…apparently sporting a post-vacation beard (I need a pic of that). The subject of Brett Favre of course came up, and of course Chilly invoked his right not to say anything on the grounds that he could be accused of tampering. Chilly did give Rosen this quote about the overall Favre melodrama:

"I really can’t answer. But it really is an interesting soap opera to watch from the hinterland up here and watch transpire down south."

The hinterland? If Minneapolis is the hinterland, what the hell is Green Bay?

Childress was also asked if he ever thought Favre would really stay retired:

"I thought a couple of years ago that maybe he would have headed for the sideline. In fact, I would have liked [for him] to head to the sidelines because he’s 4-0 against us since we’ve been here with the Vikings."

And he’ll be 6-0 by the end of this season most likely. Here are my official odds on what will happen:

  • Favre re-retires 25%
  • Favre is traded 10%
  • Favre is cut 1%
  • Favre returns to the Packers and ends up being the backup: 4%
  • Favre returns to the Packers and ends up the starter: 55%
  • Favre dies in a mysterious tractor accident that is revealed to have been a plot by the Russian mafia to murder him because he owed them money: 5%

Childress also talked about Adrian Peterson, and whether his third-down role will be expanded in ’08:

"I think he’ll be a better pass protector this year, just within our scheme, because to be a third-down back you’re not always going out, at times you’re protecting with that running back and you have to be able to take on a linebacker."

Peterson should be a good blocker eventually, don’t you think? He’s clearly not afraid of contact. One of these days he’s really going to take somebody out on a pass-block, just knock him into next week. That’ll be fun.