Robison Problems


Brian Robison is facing the possibility of surgery to repair a funky vein in his left leg. As Robison explained it:

"It’s been something that has been there for a while and it’s just kind of flared up on me. I have a varicose vein on my left leg. It’s something they are looking at and we went and got it looked at again today. So we’ll find out tomorrow what we need to do with it.It will keep me out a little bit of time if I have surgery on it but it’s not going to be substantial, it’s not going to go halfway into the season or anything like that. It will be maybe a two- or three-week ordeal and I’ll be back at it."

Robison is penciled in – actually, pretty much inked in – as Jared Allen‘s backup at right end. Things get kinda thin beyond Robison so let’s hope it’s not serious.

Other Injuries

Marcus McCauley and Garrett Mills seem the most problematic guys right now.  McCauley has been out with a bum knee since the Chiefs scrimmage, and his lack of reps has allowed Charles Gordon to move ahead of him as the favorite at nickelback.  As for Mills…he sprained an ankle quite awhile ago and has still not gotten back – this is a bummer as I was hoping Mills would press Visanthe Shiancoe for the starting tight end job.

Also…Gus Frerotte didn’t practice today due to tightness in his lower back.  It was initially reported that Frerotte was MIA entirely, leading to crazy speculation that he was about to be traded to Green Bay for some old fart of a quarterback who wears no. 4.  But it turned out Frerotte was indeed present, and simply unable to participate.