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Favre Done as a Packer


It seems at least 90% certain that Brett Favre has played his last game for the Green Bay Packers. I don’t know where I’m getting the 90% number from by the way…it just sounds good. You’d think by now I’d have learned not to make those kinds of statements. Anyway…here’s Jay Glazer on last night’s highly publicized five-hour powwow between Favre and Packers brass:

"The two sides are expected to meet again in the morning as they try to work toward a solution palatable to both sides. However, one detail gathered from the meeting was Favre’s insistence that he did not want his presence to destroy the team’s chemistry. In fact, Favre was adamant that he wanted to do what was in the best interest of the locker room and admitted this distraction was not what his teammates needed.Another agreement from the meeting was that, despite reports to the contrary, there would not be an open quarterback competition as even Favre felt this would not be in the best interests of the locker room. Thus, Aaron Rodgers is the team’s starting quarterback.As Favre met with head coach Mike McCarthy and GM Ted Thompson late Monday, the sides were moving toward an agreement to end this circus, but uncertainty remained about what that agreement ultimately will be.Favre and the team continued to hold the same viewpoints they’ve held for weeks but rather than continuing their stalemate, they have joined in pursuit of a mutually agreeable solution. Whether that solution will entail a trade, a release or another option was not determined in the meeting.Favre, however, stood to his long-standing desire to stay within the division. But the Packers were still hoping to find another option."

“Stay within the division” is a euphemism for “play for the Vikings.” That’s what Favre wants to do. Why he’s being so stubborn about this is anyone’s guess. It seems he’s just really angry at the Packers’ organization and thinks playing for the Vikings would be the best way to stick it to them. Ted Thompson et al are certainly picking up this hostility from Favre – unless they have no radar whatsoever – and this should only make them more resolved to not let Favre have his way. It’s a game of chicken now. If the Packers blink, Favre will be in purple. If Favre blinks, he’ll be playing for the Jets or sitting on a shiny new tractor bought with part of the $25 million from his marketing deal.