First Quarter – Vikings vs. Panthers


Panthers get the ball first.  AD on the bike keeping his hammy loose.  Let’s see what kind of energy the D comes out with…

So much for Antoine Winfield being slapped on Steve Smith all game.  He gets his first catch on the game’s first pass – against Cedric Griffin.  And a face-mask on top of it.

Nice defensive stand, holding the Panthers to 3.  We kept Delhomme from getting the ball to Smith again after the first completion.

Adrian Peterson trots out with the starting offense.

Visanthe Shiancoe with the catch.  The crowd goes wild.

Large Peterson run negated by a Ryan Cook hold.  Cook has been fairly penalty-free this year so far.  Let’s hope he’s not reverting to old habits.

Shiancoe getting roundly booed after…surprise…a drop.

Mistake-O-Meter:  Penalties 2; Drops 1

Gus Frerotte already has 15 passing yards.  What did Tarvaris have in the first half of the Green Bay game?  16?

Getting some nice pressure on Delhomme.

Frerotte – nice pass to Berrian then overthrows Garrett Mills.  Maybe Childress has finally had enough of Shiancoe?

Our play-action is working well but Frerotte’s ball is sailing and he got picked.  Berrian maybe should’ve still had that one.  The offense looks much more wide-open.  Maybe Zygi is calling the plays.

Something you almost never see – Pat Williams letting a guy get away.

Ray Edwards is out, Otis Grigsby is in.  Swarming defense stuffs Jonathan Stewart, forcing the punt.  Like I said – Carolina can’t run on us.

I almost wish Adrian hadn’t played – too much nervousness waiting for him to get up after every tackle.

Dolphins up 7-0 on the Pats?  Upset alert.

0-2 on third-down now.  Frerotte overthrew his man again.  Damn it all.

Smith is all Carolina has.

Defense steps it up again.  E.J. with the huge run-stuff then Ben Leber with the fumble recovery after Delhomme’s own right guard knocked the ball out of his hand.  We have to capitalize!

Our offense may not be any better but it’s definitely more entertaining.  Gus is slinging it all over the place.  He just needs to get it down where his receivers can actually catch it.

Blitz gets Gus.  Chester didn’t show much effort on his attempt to block the blitzer.  0-3 now on third down.  A lot of offensive action for both teams so far but not great results.

Kluwe’s a hell of a punter.