Second Quarter – Panthers 3, Vikings 0


Chilly came out trying to prove a point – we can open up our offense and throw it around. And still score no points. To be fair, Frerotte had some receivers fairly open but threw it too high. Maybe he’s too amped up. At least he’s not bouncing them off the turf in front of the receivers like T-Jack. Adrian has 1 carry for 3 yards. Another good run was wiped out by a Ryan Cook holding penalty.

Ray Edwards doesn’t look like he’s coming back. Cedric Griffin is acting like someone just shot him in the ribcage.

Brad Hoover’s a load.

Falcons up 14-0 on the Chiefs? KC is officially the worst team in the league.

Charissa Thompson = not bad.

Charles Gordon nailed for interference on D.J. Hackett. Could’ve gone either way.

Great play by Jared Allen pulling down Williams from behind. Saved a huge play.

Hungry for KFC now.

E.J. already has 6 tackles. Allen has 4. The D is doing a good job and we could end up being down 10-0 here in a second.

10-0. Wow. We just suck.

The key event so far – not getting anything after the Delhomme fumble. That could’ve been a turning-point but wasn’t.

4 straight runs. So we either pass it every play or run it every play. Nice “balance” Chill.

2 straight first downs. Have we done that yet this year?

Finally moving the ball some – and then a holding call on Mills. Penalties are killing us.

That toss in the flat to Tahi is good for 3 yards pretty much every time.

Welcome to the season Robert Ferguson.

Dolphins up 21-6 on New England. The Pats may be calling Daunte Culpepper. The Chiefs are down 24-0 to the Falcons.

The redzone offense is still a joke. At least we got 3. Let’s not fall asleep under 2 minutes and give them anything cheap.

Winfield on the blitz, fumble, touchdown. Great defensive call by Frazier. Think there might be a booth review to determine if Delhomme was down…

No booth review. I’m surprised – it looked close. Delhomme was bent out of shape on the sideline, mad at himself I guess. Yeah, that was clearly a fumble – no replay necessary. Great play by Winfield to turn the game around for the Purple.

K-Will sack ends Panthers hopes of a Hail Mary fluke. 10-10 at the half after being down 10-0. Pretty fortunate.