Shut Up, Pam


Gus Frerotte is the latest NFL quarterback who thinks Pam Oliver needs to put a cork in it.  Pam’s new transgression:  During Sunday’s Packer game, she reported that Gus’s three interceptions had so pissed off his teammates that none of them would listen to him when he tried rallying the troops on the sideline. Her exact words from the Fox telecast:

"Before the Vikings’ offense took the field, Gus Frerotte tried to round up his guys and tried to give them a pep talk. But I noticed that only two people bothered to listen. Frerotte has refused to get down on himself because of his mistakes. But I can see a few of his offensive teammates are starting to show frustration at the way the offense has stalled."

And Gus’s response when asked if he thought his teammates were really that down on him:

"No. I never got that sense. And I was more mad at myself than anyone else could be at me."

In other words, Pam Oliver doesn’t know shit from Shinola.  Donovan McNabb feels Gus Frerotte’s pain.  Pam reported last year that Donovan had told her he thought his days in Philly were numbered, but Donovan came out denying he said any such thing.  Pam stood by her “reporting” in that case, and I’m sure she will again here.  As if it matters what some sideline reporter says about anything.  Honestly, is there a lamer job in the world?  Eric Dickerson used to do that job, for gosh sakes.  Tony Siragusa does it.  I’m pretty sure you could pluck a 12-year-old kid straight out of special ed, stick a mic in his hand and put him next to the bench, and he could do about as good a job as Pam Oliver or any of these people.  The only time sideline reporters matter is when they’re fine, like Melissa Stark (miss you honey) and Erin Andrews.  And they’re much better with the mute button on.