Some musings on this gameday eve…


Big games and the Vikings go together something like Amy Winehouse and happy hour; whenever the two are in the same place at the same time, something horrible is bound to happen.  After literally coughing up a game they could have and should have won in the dome against Atlanta, Minnesota plays host to the defending champs and number one seed in the N.F.C .New York Giants.  Fresh off a two-week sabbatical thanks primarily to their best wideout busting a cap into his own thigh, the G-Men of the first two-thirds of the season reappeared at the Meadowlands Sunday night, and their rushing attack came with them.  This bodes well for a Vikings team that is without the best interior run-defender in the game in Pat Williams, who somehow broke his scapula making a tackle against the Cardinals.  And by bodes well I mean…  it’s pretty terrible news.  Giants’ Head Coach Tom Coughlin has already stated that his squad is going to play to win, and if you take that at face value, that means a healthy dose of Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward.   There is some doubt that Jacobs will be available, but given the Vikings and their ‘lets give it away in week 17′ history, there’s very little doubt in my mind that this guy is going to play.

Meanwhile, the renaissance of Tavaris Jackson continues.  But unless he grows angel wings and flies all over the field scoring touchdowns, he’s going to be in over his head and without a shovel.  He’s looked good in his brief return, but this is a big game.  The Vikes don’t win big games.  Especially late in the year.

There is an outside chance that Eli goes colorblind again and starts throwing balls to the wrong colored shirts.  But personally, I don’t see it happening.

Vikings’ fans should have plenty of Pepto handy this Sunday, I know I will.

Go Texans.

Giants 24 – Vikings 13.