Vikings' People-Skills Need Work


A story a fellow FSB writer discovered on a forum about the kind of stuff people are encountering while attempting to purchase tickets to the Eagles game (which remains in danger of being blacked out):

"…anyway, here’s what happened today. My friend and I GOT PLAYOFF TICKETS!!!! WHOOOO!!!! So I go down to the Metrodome with my dad to buy the tickets, and call the Vikings ticket office. They tell me to go to gate B. You don’t have to know the dome, just imagine a stadium. I go there, and it’s closed, we have to go to gate D. So we go there, and there is a big, heated tent that says “MINNESOTA VIKINGS TICKET OFFICE”. Me and my dad walk up to it, and a security guard comes out and says to walk around to another gate.Now, remember that it’s like 2 degrees with a bitch of a windchill. The whole “WE HAVE 20,000 UNSOLD TICKETS. COME HELP US FANS!” thing is on, well anyway, we we finally get to the gate (this is all outside) and there is ONE ticket window open. We finally get the tickets, and walk back.My dad stops back in the heated tent where the managers and people are, and asks to speak to a manager. The guy finally gets off the phone and comes out.My dad kindly explains that it’s cold as fuck outside, everybody is pissed, and this is why they have unsold playoff tickets. The guy ends up saying “I appreciate that you came hear [sic] and told me this. However, I disagree with that, and I don’t really care about your opinion.”"

There you have it kids – the Vikings‘ approach to public relations.  This while they’re supposedly desperately yearning for everyone to come out and show their Purple Pride on Sunday and root for the team.  You’d think someone in the organization would’ve impressed upon these people the need to be extra-nice at least for the next few days.  Or, maybe the people who work for the Vikings are sick of freezing their asses off and are doing everything they can to alienate the community so Zygi Wilf will have no choice but to move the team to L.A. where it’s warm.  I hate to break it to them but I doubt Zygi will be bringing them with him to California.  The team will leave and they’ll have to go back to working for the post office.

It’s getting really hard to have any sympathy for the Vikings and their plight.  I’m starting to hope the game doesn’t get sold out – which it looks like it won’t – and all we hear all weekend on ESPN and every other NFL show is what a pitiful loser organization the Vikings have.  They deserve to get trashed if stuff like the above-related is really going on in the midst of everything else that’s going on including the continuing effort to get a new stadium built.  Of course it shouldn’t surprise us to learn the Vikings have no clue when it comes to PR.  They proved that last year with the way they handled the Troy Williamson dead grandma flap.  These people are tone-deaf.  The only ones I really feel bad for are the players who have held it together all year in spite of the ineptitude of those above them.  The players deserve our support but, frankly, the team doesn’t.

(hat tip to DJ of Lombardi Ave.)