Frerotte Not a Chilly Fan Either


Brad Childress may have gotten votes of confidence from both Zygi and Mark Wilf, but that doesn’t mean everyone currently employed by the Vikings organization is ready to also endorse him.  One guy not lining up to say nice things about Chilly is Gus Frerotte, who remains under contract with the Vikes until further notice.  Gus got the short end of the stick when Chilly decided to stay with Tarvaris Jackson even after his back fracture had healed well enough for him to play and, apparently, the veteran QB is bitter about the benching.  Frerotte told his buddy Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports:

"I just don’t know what to think right now. It was a very frustrating experience, because I felt like I should’ve been the one playing. That might sound selfish, but I think I would’ve given us the best chance to win. I’m going home to St. Louis [on Monday] to be with my family and figure out where things stand, but the way things played out at the end really makes me question things."

Gus is referring mainly to the playoff game against the Eagles, which saw Tarvaris Jackson stink like the old Tarvaris Jackson through most of the second half.  So did Chilly make a mistake in not going to Gus when it looked like the Eagles had T-Jack completely confused?  It’s possible Gus might’ve done a better job reading the defense and might’ve delivered the big deep pass the team so sorely needed when the running game was being completely stifled…but it’s equally possible he would’ve gotten his head blasted off.  Either way, I think T-Jack earned the chance to be the man in the playoffs – he just didn’t deliver.  He’ll be back next year and Gus won’t.