So What Did We Learn Today?


Brad Childress held his highly-anticipated season ending press conference today, but in true Chilly fashion, didn’t say a whole hell of a lot.  Naturally, the most pressing questions concerned the quarterback situation, which would seem up in the air after the way Tarvaris Jackson finished in the playoffs.  Chilly said this about Jackson:

"It’s really kind of a whole offseason study. I’m not going to pass judgment right at this particular point. I think you owe it to everybody here in the organization, just like we always have, to turn over all the rocks and see what you have there. I would also say there’s point with Tarvaris of continuing to evolve as a quarterback. While you’d like that process to happen immediately, it doesn’t always happen immediately. But there’s not anything we’re going to leave unturned in terms of free agency, draft. And that goes until after the draft. You see who’s out there, and by the same token, Tarvaris is going to be here and we’re going to continue to get him better."

Once again Chilly refuses to show his hand.  This dude may be a doof but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to play poker against him.  All I can really glean from what he said is that Tarvaris has won himself a roster spot…no guarantee that he’ll be the starter.  The question then becomes, who will be competing with Tarvaris come training camp?  Will it once again be Gus Frerotte, who has said he doesn’t want to be a backup, or will it be someone the Vikes pick up in the offseason either via draft, free agency or trade?  It gives us something to talk about, anyway.