Matt Hasselbeck?


The Seahawks were dismal this year, finishing the season 4-12 despite being picked by some as a playoff contender, and a big reason for this was the play of Matt Hasselbeck who spent much of the season hurt and didn’t exactly burn it up on those rare occasions when he was able to get in a game.  Further damaging Hasselbeck’s stock with the team was the play of Seneca Wallace who was in there for three of Seattle’s four wins and at least earned himself a shot as the starter next season for new coach Jim Mora, Jr. Now, Mora claims Hasselbeck is still part of Seattle’s plans for next year, but we know from our own experiences with Brad Childress that coaches aren’t always honest about such things.  The prevailing belief is that Hasselbeck will at least be dangled as trade bait.

This is where the Vikings come in, at least from a wild, unfounded offseason speculation stand-point.  The argument is simple:  Hasselbeck is a West Coast guy who’s been to a Super Bowl and is still only 33 and could give the Vikings 2 or 3 good years which is perfect because that would seem to be our window with the team we have right now.  The other argument is also simple:  Did you look at the season he had last year?  He’s always hurt.  The counter-argument to this is that it’s worth taking a shot at him, even if he’s physically questionable, because he’s a good, confident player and he’d presumably be cheaper than Matt Cassel.  And you’re going to keep Tarvaris Jackson as the backup so at least you’re sort of covered if it turns out he can’t make it through the season.  All quite intriguing.