Frazier Just About Gone


The odds of Leslie Frazier returning to be the Vikings‘ defensive coordinator next year would look to be about zero, at least going by the number of reports linking his name to head coaching vacancies around the league.  The most likely landing spot for Frazier, as of this moment anyway, would appear to be Denver.  The Broncos have reportedly placed Frazier at the top of their candidates list, along with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, and at least one NFL head coach, the Ravens’ John Harbaugh, has gone on record saying the Broncos should definitely choose Frazier.  Harbaugh said of the man he worked alongside in Philadelphia:

"He’s a tremendous X’s-and-O’s coach. Players will respect him. He’s a great organizer, a motivator. He’s just a real good man."

The Rams have apparently been paying attention to the Fraziermania in Denver, and have responded by skipping Frazier past the preliminary interview stage and right onto their own list of finalists (that should put to bed any lingering speculation that Frazier is only getting all these interviews because of the Rooney Rule).  The Lions have already talked to Frazier as well, and the Jets have also shown interest.

So Frazier is almost surely gone…and that will leave the Vikings without a defensive coordinator.  Beloved D-line coach Carl Dunbar has already taken himself out of the running for that job, saying he would prefer to remain a position coach.  This elevates linebackers coach Fred Pagac to favorite status at least among internal candidates.  One guy who won’t be coming aboard as defensive coordinator is former Lions head coach Rod Marinelli who was just snapped up by the Bears.  And how’s this for a fantasy Hail Mary:  Tony Dungy retires as coach of the Colts, gets bored and decides to return to the Vikings as defensive coordinator?  Yes I know it would never happen but I enjoy wild speculation.