Collins Takes a Page Out of Gus's Playbook


Titans QB Kerry Collins has followed the example of our own (for now) Gus Frerotte by announcing that he will either start at quarterback for someone next season or he will shuffle off into the sunset.  “I made my case known, that I’d like to be here and feel that I can be a part of several more good seasons.  I have several good years left in me, I know that,” the 36-year-old Collins told the Tennessean.  “I will pack up and go somewhere else. I don’t want to, but that’s the reality of this business. . . .  I am a starter in this league and if nothing materializes that way I will retire.”

Collins can make a play like this because, had it not been for his leadership after Vince Young melted down, the Titans would have been dead in the water.  Gus Frerotte’s situation with the Vikings is slightly different:  Yes, Gus definitely gave the team a spark after replacing Tarvaris Jackson, and it can be argued that the Vikes would not have made any kind of playoff run had it not been for his efforts throughout the middle of the season.  However, Gus did break down physically, and Jackson played well enough after returning to the line-up that it’s hard for Gus to argue he should absolutely be handed the starting job were he to return.  In other words, Gus doesn’t have the kind of leverage with the Purple that Collins has with Tennessee.  That’s why most observers believe the Vikes will be shopping for a new veteran to compete with T-Jack in camp.  That veteran will probably not be Collins, who the Titans would be well-advised to hold onto, as the starter, unless they have designs on turning the ship over to the fragile Mr. Young (I’m sure Jeff Fisher has more sense than that).