Peter King Kicks Off Favre-to-Vikings Speculation


I suppose it was inevitable that the media would start cranking up the speculation about Brett Favre wanting to leave the Jets and join his buddies Brad Childress and Darrell Bevell on the Vikings, but I was hoping it would at least take until April or May, mid-March at the earliest.  Unfortunately, that fat tub of lard Peter King decided to jump the gun by bringing up Minnesota as a potential landing spot for Favre during an interview on PTI, and then of course Mike Florio picked it up and ran with it, so now it’s on.  Thankfully, I don’t think this year’s round of Favre-talk is going to be as crazy as last year’s, because this year I really believe Favre is going to hang it up.  Brett’s arm is basically hamburger right now, and when the Jets said he should get surgery on it, he flat-out refused – which doesn’t sound like the attitude of someone who is hell-bent on continuing his career.  Of course, King’s whole point on PTI was that Favre would only come back if the Vikings made the offer, the thinking being that Favre bears a huge grudge against Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and the Packers and would love to get revenge by leading the Purple to victory against them.  Maybe Favre does still harbor that much ill-will against the guys who ran him out of Green Bay, but is it really enough to rouse him to action again?  He didn’t exactly end the season looking like a guy whose heart was in it anymore.  I think a return for 2009 would only end in embarrassment for Brett, who has frankly tarnished his legacy with all his offseason vacillations and blubbering and scheming.  The best move for him would be to have his Shane moment and just ride into the sunset (minus the whole dying thing of course).