Broncos Contacted Vikings About Trading Jay Cutler?


As you have certainly already heard, today the Kansas City Chiefs swung a trade that brought them Matt Cassel, the back-up-turned-starter who wowed the sports world enough to become perhaps the most coveted player on the market this off-season.  The actual trade was only the beginning of the story, however.  In its wake, we learned that the Denver Broncos had gottem themselves involved in the Cassel talks, and dangled quarterback Jay Cutler as bait.  One widely-reported scenario had the Broncos sending Cutler to Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers sending a package to New England and the Pats shipping Cassel to Denver to reunite with his old offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is now the Broncos’ head coach.  But here’s where it gets interesting:  Michael Smith of ESPN is now reporting that the Broncos called the Vikings and tried to get them interested in the same deal – Cutler to the Vikes, Cassel to Denver and some sort of package from Minnesota to the Pats.  Obviously, the Vikings turned the deal down.

We of course don’t know what the Vikes would’ve been required to give up in such a trade.  It’s possible that the price was too steep (of course, the Chiefs just got Cassel for a 2nd rounder, so…).  It’s also possible that Michael Smith is full of you know what.  The only thing we know for sure is that Cutler heard about the trade talks and apparently isn’t too happy about the whole thing.  It must suck knowing that your new coach tried to get rid of you so he could bring in his guy from his old team.  In the end, the other guy from New England, Scott Pioli, got his man. And the anti-Sage Rosenfels crowd just got a whoooole lot more to gripe about.