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Powers Also Thinks "Some Elements" Means Childress


St. Paul Pioneer-Press columnist Tom Powers agrees with my belief that Brad Childress was indeed the “element” in the Vikings coaching staff that shot down the Jay Cutler trade the team reportedly had cooking with the Broncos:

"…the report by said the deal fell through because “some elements” of the Minnesota coaching staff weren’t sold on Cutler. Some elements? There’s only one element that counts on the Minnesota coaching staff, and its initials are B.C.So let me try to follow this: Brad Childress isn’t sold on Jay Cutler, but he’s sold on Tarvaris Jackson. That’s one of those things that will make sense, I’m assuming, when that secret plan is unearthed. The wildly inconsistent Jackson has been Childress’ guy, unequivocally, for close to three years. He still may be his guy because the official line on Sage Rosenfels is that he’s coming in to provide a bit of competition for Tarvaris.At last count, the Vikings had about 147 assistant coaches on the payroll. Perhaps ownership should invest in a quarterback evaluator. Because this may be the most puzzling decision yet."

Oh Tom…why should the Vikings need a quarterback evaluator when they have Chilly, the all-time quarterback guru?  The guy who, two years ago, thought an inexperienced Tarvaris Jackson backed up by Brooks Bollinger and Kelly Holcomb was a formula for success?  The guy who, last year, had to basically be ordered by the owner to bench T-Jack even though everyone on earth could tell he wasn’t fit to start?  Chilly knows exactly what he’s doing, and when T-Jack hoists the Lombardi Trophy next year, he will be vindicated.