Baseball Season – It's What's On


Spring has finally come around again, and you know what that means – garage sales.  “Wow, a whole box of water-warped Tom Clancy hard covers for 35 cents?  This is the most awesome thing that ever happened to my off-kilter furniture!  And I definitely have to get in on that rusty old rototiller.  Yeah, I don’t have a garden or even a yard right now, but you never know what squatting opportunities may present themselves in the future.  And when they do, I want to be ready!”

Oh, and of course, spring also means baseball, aka that other sport that somewhat diverts us during the football offseason.  Matter of fact, the baseball season starts tonight.  I bring this up for one main reason:  to remind you that sports network has a bunch of baseball blogs, one of which may even cover your team.  And even if you don’t have a team and in fact despise baseball with all the hatred in your heart – well, maybe you just need a switch.  At any rate, here’s the updated list of hardball blogs:


  1. – Baltimore Orioles
  2. – Boston Red Sox
  3. – Cleveland Indians
  4. – Kansas City Royals
  5. – Minnesota Twins (find out what’s going on with the Baby Jesus and his bad back)
  6. – NY Yankees
  7. – Tampa Bay Rays
  8. – Toronto Blue Jays


  1. – Arizona Diamondbacks
  2. – Atlanta Braves
  3. – Chicago Cubs (you may recognize the guy who writes this one)
  4. – Pittsburgh Pirates
  5. – St. Louis Cardinals
  6. – San Francisco Giants

All right…now back to football.