Deanna Favre Pushing Brett to Play?


Here’s one I hadn’t heard before:  according to someone with knowledge of the inner-workings of Brett Favre‘s family, the “burning desire” Brett feels to get revenge on the Packers and specifically Ted Thompson has less to do with him and more to do with his wife DeannaPer Patrick Reusse of the Star-Trib:

"I haven’t been around Favre enough to attempt psychoanalysis. So, a Wisconsin reporter was asked to put the quarterback on a couch.Question: The theory that this return is motivated by a hatred for the Packers’ Thompson. Is it valid?Reporter: “I buy the revenge factor, although I don’t buy that it’s as deep with Brett as with his family. His wife [Deanna] has got it bad when it comes to loathing Thompson. His family as a whole wants Brett to play to get back at the Packers. Plus, they enjoy watching him.”"

Deanna Favre as Lady Macbeth?  Sure, why not.

Reusse goes on to address Favre’s insecurity issues:

"Question: This would seem to validate that he both suffers and is driven by an over-the-top sensitivity to criticism — a Kevin Garnett in a helmet?Reporter: “A shrink who wanted to win a Nobel Prize would do an extensive study on Brett and where he comes from. There’s this remarkable dichotomy between a brilliant athlete with supreme confidence on the field, and a guy with enough insecurities to never miss a game, even when he probably should have, and who tried to keep his backup from taking more than a few practice snaps.“He got his job because Don Majkowski missed a game with injury. In my opinion, that on those days he’s with his football team, he never forgets that.“Favre’s a weird combination of ego, confidence and insecurity.”"

He sounds to me like a miserable bastard.  A miserable p***y-whipped bastard.