Favre Has Been Working out in Hattiesburg With High School Team


An item, missed by everyone until today, from a weekend Jim Souhan piece on Hattiesburg-area reaction to Brett Favre‘s on-going flirtation with unretirement:

"Favre’s friend J.D. Simpson says only the quality of the Vikings roster has kept Favre’s meandering through the maze of possibilities. “If this had been a year ago, bang, he’d be in Minnesota right now,” Simpson said. “I think this decision is tougher for him than any of them. He really sees Minnesota as a legitimate team that can go all the way. I think in his mind he was retired, but the quality of that team makes this a tough one.”Simpson acts as team chaplain for Oak Grove High School, where Favre works with the football team to stay in shape. Simpson warmed up with Favre on Monday before Favre threw to the team’s receivers. “I didn’t have a helmet on,” Simpson said. “I wish I had. I help out with the receivers, and he threw a few that bounced off some facemasks out there.“His arm is there. He’s had the same problem with his left arm that he’s having with his right. He told me John Elway had the same problem in his last year. It’s a certain throwing angle or motion that hurts. It doesn’t hurt all the time, though, and just looking at him throwing, you can’t tell there’s anything wrong with it.”"

So here at last is some reporting on Favre coming from somebody who’s actually seen him throw – and the report is that his arm appears to still be good enough.  Evidently, it all boils down to whether Favre feels enough of an itch to move beyond tossing it around with the kids at the local high school.  Will he feel that itch?  Is the arm still good enough to last a whole NFL season plus playoffs?  And where was I?