Chad Greenway Not Feeling Favre…Yet


More news out of the same community outreach event that produced Mark Wilf‘s “confirmation” of the Vikings‘ interest in Favre, this time via Chad Greenway, who isn’t sure what to make of Favre’s alleged interest in joining the team:

"While he was complimentary of Favre’s credentials and leadership, Greenway was more critical than any of his teammates about the legendary quarterback’s waffling ways.“He’s retired a couple of times, so you wonder where his loyalties lie,” Greenway said Monday, referring to Favre’s retirement from the Green Bay Packers in March 2007, then his un-retirement and eventual trade to the New York Jets. “For us, we’re moving forward with what we’ve got here. We have a team that can obviously win at a high level, and we have a team that, moving forward, we think can really compete for an NFC North title again and get to the championship game and hopefully further.“As good as something may sound, we have a great team to play with right now, and there is no sense in looking outside of what we have.”"

Greenway also remarked that he and his teammates have no clue what’s going on with Favre, and said the whole thing could be “a blown-up story” for all he knows.  Well Chad, I can confirm one thing for you:  it is a blown-up story.  The media – and, to a lesser degree, we little blogging engines that could – are largely responsible for this, but Favre is almost equally responsible, cause he’s the one who does the waffling, and opens the door to all this speculation and dubious reporting.  If Favre had a history of being true to his word, people would just believe him when he said he was retired.  But he doesn’t, and we don’t, and so the whole thing just churns away.